Do you want to get a local fishing license?

Fishing license for foreigners will be issued by the municipal authority related to the applicant stay (holiday destination). See map with area of competence of local municipality to issue fishing license. For the Lipno Dam area, the municipality of Horni Plana or Vyssi Brod is responsible. The subsequent fishing permit for given fishing territory is issued by local subjects (tourist center, travel agencies, fishing shops, etc.)

To issue a fishing license, you must

  • show your passport or personal ID card
  • show your existing fishing license (or similar), issued by your native state, or a previously issued Czech fishing license (not the 30 days license), or an official document stating you are qualified for your first fishing license.
  • complete an application form (available also at the Dept. of Environment and Agriculture)
  • pay the administrative fee (only in CZK cash at the Dept. of Environment and Agriculture) 

The validity and price of the fishing permit

30 days 200 CZK
1 year 100 CZK
3 years 200 CZK
10 years 500 CZK
unlimited (only for person older than 15 years) 1000 CZK

50% reduction in fee for people below 15 years (not applicable for 30 days permit).

You can pay only in CZK currency in cash. There is an ATM in front of the municipality Cesky Krumlov.

Application Form (*.pdf)

print both sides please

More information

Český Krumlov Municipal Authority
Dept. of Environment and Agriculture
Kaplická 439
381 01
Český Krumlov
2nd floor
office no. 204
Lubos Blaha, E-Mail:

Opening hours:

Monday 7.30 - 11.00 12.00 - 17.00
Tuesday 7.30 - 11.00
Wednesday 7.30 - 11.00 12.00 - 17.00
Thursday 7.30 - 8.30
Friday 7.30 - 8.30
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Město Český Krumlov