Miroslav Páral

Born June 9, 1955 in Prague. Graduated from the Secondary School of Ceramics Art and Design in Bechyně (subject of study: visual art). In 1991 he established the Czech Ceramic Design Agency, and in 1993 received the Award for Culture of the town of Český Krumlov. As supervisor he assisted at the International Exhibition of Ceramic Performance during 1993 - 1996. Since 1994 he has been president of the Ceramics Masters' Association of the Union of Artists in the Czech Republic. In 1996 he became chairman of the International Artistic Association "Manifestation of Ceramic Performance in 1996".

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 Miroslav Páral, portrait of a master

Individual Exhibitions :
  Czech Ceramic Design Agency, Miroslav Páral - Agression of time, stonework
1972 Český Krumlov (Czech Republic)
1980Hořice na Šumavě (Czech Republic)
1983Bechyně, České Budějovice (Czech Republic)
1984Český Krumlov (Czech Republic)
1985Havířov, Jindřichův Hradec, Volyně (Czech Republic)
1986Přerov, Praha (Czech Republic)
1987Most, Ústí nad Labem (Czech Republic)
1988České Budějovice (Czech Republic)
1989Český Krumlov, České Budějovice (Czech Republic)
1992Č. Budějovice, J. Hradec (Czech Republic), Vilshofen (Germany), Bad Leonfelden (Austria)
1993Český Krumlov (Czech Republic), Egon Schiele Art Center
1994Passau (Germany)
1995Č. Krumlov (Czech Republic), Praha (Czech Republic), Karolinum -Czech Museum of Visual Art
1996Český Krumlov (Czech Republic) - Gallery of Czech Culture
 Český Krumlov (Czech Republic) - International Gallery of Ceramics
1997Praha (Czech Republic) - Gallery U prstenu

Collective Exhibitions :
1985 Munich (Germany), International Exhibition of Ceramics
1987Munich (Germany), International Exhibition of Ceramics
1988Linz (Austria), World Exhibition of Ceramics, Auckland (New Zealand)
1989Heidelberg (Germany)
1991Gualdo Tadino (Italy), World Exhibition of Ceramics
1993Stockholm (Sweden)
1994Vilshofen, Hauzenberg, Durnstein (Germany)
1995Český Krumlov (Czech Republic), International Exhibition of Ceramics
1996Český Krumlov (Czech Republic), Czech and Hungarian Ceramic Output
 Český Krumlov (Czech Republic), International Exhibition of Ceramic Output

Czech Ceramic Design Agency, Miroslav Páral - cycle Agression of time, drawing

Masterpieces in Collections :
Museum of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, District Museum of National History in Český Krumlov, Aleš Gallery of South Bohemia in Bechyně, Aleš Gallery of South Bohemia in Hluboká nad Vltavou, International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemét.

Czech Ceramic Design Agency, Miroslav Páral - the stoppage of time, stonework, metal   Czech Ceramic Design Agency, Miroslav Páral - the stoppage of time, stonework, metal   Czech Ceramic Design Agency, Miroslav Páral - Reminder of Human, stonework, metal

"Páral's blackened torsos somehow belong to the field of fictitious symbolic archeology, in such a way that the world is seen through the eyes of history. The view backwards is the only thoughtful expression of time dimension, the measure to escape from the precipitous and confusing reality, after which will remain only the traces of torsos. The past is frightfully gifted in mysterious prophetic ability. The magic of such symbolism offers a dark perspective of the future catastrophes of humanity. When Remembering the comparatively optimistic and mere dreaming of lyricism in some of Páral's early ceramics presentation, we can notice how the sculptor's thoughts about the tracks of time draw closer to the raw truth of the essential end - death.

Czech Ceramic Design Agency, Miroslav Páral - cycle Agression of time, drawing

The integral part of Páral's figural works is drawing. It is gloomy generous in its graphic schedule, exact in its constructive contemplation. It is understood as a network of supports and connections of supportive body construction - the skeleton. The skeleton has become an allegory of the miraculous mechanism of the living organism and at the same time a symbol of fragility and mortality of such a project. There is also artistic analysis as a tool of overhanging of the concrete into the symbol of general with a universal effect.

Czech Ceramic Design Agency, Miroslav Páral - cycle Agression of time, drawing   Czech Ceramic Design Agency, Miroslav Páral - cycle Agression of time, drawing

The sculptor's human and artistic experiences grew to such an extent that in the last year he could complete a task of even classic sculpture as Atlantis holding an architrave of the postmodern non-conventional architecture of the Czech Savings Bank in České Budějovice. This is considered to be an important act in the history of Czech Modern Sculpture. Two dramatically full-plastic and bizarre rampant figures in detail could have made even an impression of fright if the sculptor's talent did not face the basic problem of harmonic balance and express the strength of human support, confidence in human power and in a human completely in the present. Miroslav Páral advocates for the tradition of Czech Baroque, creatively continues the similar resolution of M. B. Braun and F. M. Brokoff. He even balances with the pathos of Universe giantism as it was reached in a similar way by the human and artistic experiences of the great Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo Buonarotti.

Czech Ceramic Design Agency, Miroslav Páral - Skeleton, stonework, metal

The last statues of Miroslav Páral create part of a big historyless sphere of fantasy-expressive realism. It is mixed with the imagination of Gothic cathedral plastic decoration, artism of mannerism, and with the passion and impressive psychology of Baroque.

 Czech Ceramic Design Agency, Miroslav Páral - Agression of time (Libido, Ego)

The response of history does not bar one from comprehending the expressive and symbolic message as actual and alive. The sculptural pieces of Miroslav Páral from Český Krumlov, when compared to modern expression, form a part of the recent art interpretation that remains on a steady art undertaking in relation to the urgent contents of life. The uncompromising open perspective at the extreme dimension of human existence and one security in and otherwise uncertain structure of modern culture is offered in Páral's models of symbolic figural sculpture."

/Extract of text by PhDr. Jan Kříž presented in the catalogue "Miroslav Páral (from Output 1988 - 1995), issued in 1995 by the Czech Museum of Visual Art in Prague/

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