Ladislav Maria Wagner

A painter, graphic designer, artist of media, and honorable member of the Masaryk Academy of Art in Prague. Since 1994 he has been registered in the World Art Registry in New York. He has received many significant awards and medals for his art and own output outside the country as well as in the Czech Republic. He has public presentations and participates in collections of galleries and museums all over the world.

Ladislav Maria Wagner, Day, 1996, 110x90, own technique, Czech National Bank

Since 1965 there have been 87 reviews by high-ranking critics of visual art (Assmann, Chalupecký, Isidre, Holý, Woodward, etc.). The author's bibliography contains 341 articles and notes in literature and press including 11 hours of net TV time in various countries (Spain, France, Germany, Austria, U.S.A. and Czech Republic) dedicated to the artist and his production publicity.

Beginning from 1965, we can count 162 exhibitions installed in 16 countries of the world. The most important exhibitions from the last years include Design Center in Linz - 1996, Bayerischen Nationalmuseum Asbach - 1997, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Vienna - 1997.

Contact addresses exist to studios in Austria and Spain, as well as to galleries representing the artist's output at home and outside the country :


Telephone, Fax :

Addresses of Studios in the Czech Republic :

Latrán No. 7 (Zámecké schody)
381 01 Český Krumlov

Telephone, Fax :

Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad 5
120 00 Praha 2 Vinohrady

Telephone, Fax :

Blatná - Hajany 11
388 01 Blatná

"Almost like the approach of the so-called menetekel, Wagner gives words to his paintings - threats throughout the constant movement of hurting, to the prudent continual interruption of any unity. That one, whom it concerns, is called up to define his personal internal integrity in confrontation with those compositions on paintings. Ladislav Maria Wagner creates in his artistic masterpieces the poetic warnings."

(Peter Assmann - extract from the Critic of Ladislav Maria Wagner Monograph in 1997)

Exhibitions :
1972 - 1989 

Brighton, Krszesowice, Opava, Paris, Venehin, Kopenhagen, Brno, Třeboň, Ostrava, Ansbach, Detroit, Zlín, Praha, Karlovy Vary, Lyon, Frankfurt, Tokyo, St. Brigite, Cologne


Český Krumlov - District Museum of National History, Qliuto - Cardenas Gallery, Fort de France -Arcalla, Sanford, Plzeň


České Budějovice - Art Center, Los Angeles- Gallery Rodolfo, Praha - Palffy Palace, Singen - Stadtgalerie, Roma - Gallery Elpetro


Blatná - Castle, Praha - Gallery Centrum, Strakonice - Castle Museum, Praha - Brothers Čapek Gallery, Ostrava -Kultur Centrum Chagall


Munich - Munich Bank, Praha - Karolinum, Barcelona - Gallery Agora 3, Český Krumlov - Hall of Jesuits, Praha - Gallery Wagner


Praha - Gallery Centrum, Č. Budějovice - Gallery Zlatý kříž, Gijón - Salle Siero, Canberra - Gallery Rebecca, Barcelona - Sitges-Gallery Agora 3


Mexico City - Arquímides 95, Praha - Golem Club, Blatná - Museum, Zurich - Willa Giese, Vöcklabruck - Stadtgalerie


Linz - Design Center, Praha - Palace of Kinský, Vienna - Tschechisches Kulturcentrum


Vöcklabruck - Stadtgalerie, Asbach - Bavarian National Museum


Vídeň - Muzeum moderního umění Nadace Ludwig


Linz - Casineum
Salzburg - Hypobank
District Museum of National History in Český Krumlov
Hausenberg - rathaus

Masterpieces in Collections :
Gallery L'eco - Mexico City, Catol-Center Los Angeles, Foyer of RT Géel Studio - Paris, Museum Collection - Castle Frýdek, Collection of Masaryk Academy of Art in Prague, Villa La luna - Polenca - Mallorca, Fund of National Propery in the Czech Republic - Prague, Czech National Bank - České Budějovice

Significant Awards :

I.B.M. Diploma - Marbehan


Hopper Prize - Los Angeles


Diploma and Honor Membership of the Masaryk Academy of Art in Prague


EN OR SOLEIL - Séte, Award of the Masaryk Academy of Art


Silver Medail - Mexico City

Award of the Czecho-Bavarian Association of Art


Salvador Dali de Pueblo Prize


1. price Carte "G" - Sao Paulo (PC graphic)

Further information :
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