Karel Hrubeš, a piece of his work
Karel Hrubeš
Academic Painter and Restoration Specialist

Contact Address :
Karel Hrubeš, ak. mal.
Parkán No. 122
381 01 Český Krumlov

Telephone :
00420-337-2403 - home
00420-337-3236 - studio

Born July 21, 1955 in České Budějovice. He graduated from the Secondary School of Visual Art in Prague, from 1997 - 1983 he studied at the Academy of Art in Prague (subject of study : Restoration under professor R. Ondráček). He lives and works in Český Krumlov.

Major Points of his work performance in the following areas :

Restoration - mural paintings (frescos), paintings and polychrome of ornamental sculptures, general fulfillment: Gothic and Baroque frescos in the St. Vitus Church in Český Krumlov, Renaissance paintings of the Rožmberk Castle Tower, Renaissance and Baroque paintings and facades of the Zlatá Koruna Monastery, Renaissance frescos in the Kratochvíle Castle, etc.

Karel Hrubeš, restored Chapel of the Resurrection in Church of St. Vitus in Český Krumlov

Technology of Replicas - original technology with the original materials, gold and silver plating, particularly the Czech Gothic board painting, Italian early Renaissance, Holland Baroque as well as the modern artists, for example: Schiele, Dali, Klimt, Magritte, Kokoschka, Čapek, Kubišta, Zrzavý, etc.

Own Paintings

Completed Work of Restoration :

Český Krumlov

     Karel Hrubeš, a piece of his work
  1. 2 Paintings on the trace of the Castle visit (Spanish Still Life) the first half of the 17th century, 1986

  2. Sun clock and illusive windows of the Renaissance House of the Castle, 1996

  3. Castle Staircase - discovery and restoration of the Renaissance illusive painting of window with a bear, 1993

  4. In front of the Castle Staircase - interior paintings of Classicism dated the first half of the 19th century, 2 Baroque coats-of-arms on the gable, 1993

  5. In front of the Lazebnický Bridge - uncovering and restoration of a locket with two horses, 1991

  6. Panská No. 22 - restoration of a locket with Our Lady, on the first floor - uncovering of Gothic paintings (coat-of-arms, archer), 1996

  7. Coat-of-Arms of the City Hall, 1997


  1. Gothic paintings of twelve Apostles in the presbytery of the Saint Mary Magdalene Church, 1995


  1. Facade of a Church, Gothic painting by the entrance, 1993

Saint Vitus Church in Český Krumlov

  1. Painting of St. Vitus in its presbytery, 1985

  2. Replica of ancient picture of the town of Český Krumlov, on the left side in presbytery (oil-canvas), 1986

  3. Fresco of Crucifixion and four Saints dated around 1400, 1987

  4. Chapel of Resurrection by Jakub František Prokyš dated 1777, 1989-1990

  5. Discovery and uncovering of Gothic fragment of Crucifixion with St. John, on the right side from the front of the chapel - the Resurrection dated from the year round 1420, 1991

  6. Facade - tympanum with Asumpta, 1989

Karel Hrubeš, restored Gothic frescos in Church of St. Vitus in Český Krumlov Karel Hrubeš, a piece of his work

Rožmberk nad Vltavou

  1. Restoration of Renaissance Castle Tower of entry, extent of 300 m2, with the Renaissance painted architecture, 1992

Zlatá Koruna

  1. Discovery, uncovering and complete restoration of painting representing four Apostles and located on the tower of Abbey dated from the first half of the 18th century, 1985 - 1997

  2. Renaissance and Baroque facades of Abbey

  3. Renaissance sun clock of Small Convent, 1989

  4. Baroque inscription above Small Convent entrance

Karel Hrubeš, a piece of his work Karel Hrubeš, Franz Kafka's Metamorphasis, oil

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