Hana Hölzel-Čeledová
 Hana Hölzel-Čeledová, Madonna from Svéráz
(Signature HÖL)

Studio Address :
Zámek 184 (Castle No. 184 - Hospital)
381 01 Český Krumlov

Telephone :

Studio Address :
Na Zátorce 4
110 00 Praha

110 00 Praha

Born in 1927 in Prague. She graduated from the State School of Graphics - professor Ditlinger, from the Academy of Visual Art - professor O. Nejedlý and V. Silovský.

She accomplishes collective exhibitions outside the country through the Union of Czech Visual Artists and ART-Center.

Masterpieces in Collections :
Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Museum of Central Bohemia, Tedelijk Museum in Belgium, München, private collections in Germany, Norway, Switzerland and USA

Works from Recent Years :
Psychedelic paintings with musical inspiration, sketches from journeys, cycle of the South-Bohemian Our Ladies - genetics relation from the last five hundred years of the Region

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