Official Information System
of the Český Krumlov Region

The official information system of the Český Krumlov region
is the most complex and most comprehensive regional information database
in the Czech Republic. Its pages offer detailed and professionally
prepared information on the region’s history and present.


The system has been released on the Internet at the address and on a multimedia CD ROM. All information exists in three identical language versions - Czech, German, and English - and the entire content of this encyclopedia consists of over 6,000 pages of text, being about 2,000 pages covering 1,270 topics in each language. The pictorial information presently includes about 3,500 photographs and illustrations, 14 click-sensitive maps and diagrams, interactive graphs, lists, and a key-word search driver. The dynamic hyperlink environment will enable even the most unsure of users to easily orient himself with a bit of intuition.

The structure of the system is divided into three sections - region, town, and castle of Český Krumlov, while the town and region sections are further divided into past and present. The basic orientational structure for the mass of articles is a thematic tree, organized from the most general topics to those more specific. Every section is represented by its own color-coded tree structure of articles, and this structure is constantly accessible to the left of each opened article.

Each section offers information about tourist and other services, cultural programs, and an overview of businesses, schools, health facilities, and state institutions. In the section devoted to history, you will find a detailed overview of individual periods of development, artistic orientations, archeological finds, about 150 significant historical figures from the fields of culture, science, and politics, almost all the significant monuments in the region, and much more.

The section covering regions contains detailed information about all villages and towns. In the section about Český Krumlov itself, over 300 buildings are described in detail as part of the municipal historical reservation, while the Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau complex is elaborately described in detail.

In the section of Lists, you can find a list of reference literature plus lists of authors, historical figures, buildings in the historical part of the town of Český Krumlov, a list of townships in the Český Krumlov region, businesses and firms, organizations and interest groups, lists of eating and accommodation facilities, sporting facilities, and more.

The objective of this entire project is not only to promote Český Krumlov as a town of extraordinary cultural, historical, and social qualities which affirm its presence on UNESCO’s List of World Cultural Heritage, but also to present the entire region and remind the world of its hitherto forgotten specific qualities and value. The creation of this information system itself brought together a large number of regional personalities, state administrative bodies, local administrations, civic associations, non-profit organizations, commercial institutions, and the like into an intense relationship based on volunteer effort; this in itself is a clear indicator of the development of a civil society.

The Official Information System of the Český Krumlov Region, which came into existence in December of 1997, is a joint endeavor of the Supervisory Association of the Official Information System of the Český Krumlov Region and the company Ipex (Mgr. Lubor Mrázek).


Realization team of the Official
Information System of the Český Krumlov Region :

Original idea :
PhDr. Pavel Slavko
Mgr. Lubor Mrázek
Mgr. Zdena Flašková

Conception and layout :
PhDr. Pavel Slavko
Mgr. Zdena Flašková
Ing. Ladislav Pouzar
Lenka Nováková
Ing. Martin Krejčí
Radka Lažová

Organizational management :
PhDr. Pavel Slavko
Mgr. Zdena Flašková

Technical supervision :
Mgr. Lubor Mrázek

  Technical preparation :
Mgr. Lubor Mrázek
Bc. David Kult
Bc. Petr Jaško
Bc. Tomáš Novák

Pictorial documentation :
Ing. Ladislav Pouzar
Ing. Libor Sváček

Translationes and proof-readings :
Profession Translate

Linguistic supervisors :
Mgr. Markéta Urbanová - German
Bc. Bryce Belcher, B.A. - English

Consultant for history and iconography :
Mgr. Martin Jakab

Special thanks :
Sponsors and supporters of the Official Information Systém of the Český Krumlov Region
Creatores of the Official Information Systém of the Český Krumlov Region

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