Weir Větřní

 Weir on the Vltava in Větřní, map
– 288,2 r. km

Description :
fourth of the ten described weirs.
A concrete ghost. The actual weir is divided into four parts: from the left side, the water facility of the paper factory, then the slanting wide part of the weir, a gravel sluice, and completely on the right, the longest concrete water canal for boats on the Vltava river - a depressive retarder, about 90 m long, with a difference of levels of about 1,8 m.

How to get over the weir :
The standard method is to go through the concrete eyesore, or to carry the boat over on the right-hand side. A canoer looks for new opportunities. If the water level is high enough, it is possible to go over the plateau. Beware of the cylinder and sharp rocks under the weir.

Real life account :
Before the attempt: "... whoever's side we go on, he buys the drink."
I looked above the water level and heard: "I get a drink!"
After the second try, I again hear: "I get a second drink, and I'm not going for the third time."
I managed it on the third try alone.
The person at the bow was probably spoiling it for me.


Weir on the Vltava in Větřní      Weir on the Vltava in Větřní


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