Weir Spolí

 Weir on the Vltava under the scrawled cliffs in Spolí, map
- under the painted rock in Spolí 286,35 r. km

Description :
fifth of the ten described weirs.
The remains of the original weir. The actual weir is divided into two parts: on the left side there is the slanting wide part of the weir, and on the right side behind the green isle are the remains of the sluice. The left part of the weir is not passable when the water level is normal, because there are a lot of sharp rocks at the bottom of the weir. The sluice does not behave like a weir today but more like normal water with rapids. Towards the right shore lies the boat trap - a big rock, strangely attractive to boats (and there are more rocks behind it).

How to get over the weir :
You should be ashamed if you carry your boat over. This weir is really for teaching beginners.

When going through, there is only one danger, the stones in the right part of the flow near the shore. Guide the boat to the left part of the flow for easier control of it with paddles. Once past the weir, try to reach the middle of the river as soon as possible. You will avoid the rock traps, and then you can peacefully land on the right shore. If the water level is high enough, it is possible to go over the plateau. Beware of the sharp rocks.

Weir on the Vltava under the scrawled cliffs in Spolí      Weir on the Vltava under the scrawled cliffs in Spolí



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