Weir Rožmberk

 Weir on the Vltava in Rožmberk nad Vltavou, map
– 308,5 r. km

Description :
the third of the ten described weirs.
A newly built weir. The actual weir is divided into three parts: from the left, a gravel sluice diked with wooden blocs, in the middle a wide part with the overflow, and on right the newly built water canal for boats - a retarder.

How to get over the weir :
The standard method is passing through the concrete retarder, or carrying your boat on the right side.

A real canoer looks for new options.
It depends on the water level, and the state and experience of the crew. I see a possibility to jump the overflow, but this hasn't been done yet at this new weir. Don't forget that this is a new weir, and there are a lot of sharp rocks under it. When this new weir was built, Martin and Lea jumped the weir. The whole flow went through the gravel sluice, and the more experienced already went through it.

Weir on the Vltava in Rožmberk nad Vltavou      Weir on the Vltava in Rožmberk nad Vltavou

Part of one story :
"I was watching Pavel who was riding in front of me. He didn't judge the strength, and it was clear that we were going to lose it over the edge. The last order I managed to shout was: "We're screwed, take care of yourself." I didn't manage to turn the boat sideways and we went over. I stayed in the water cylinder of the weir, and had to swim along side the wall to get out."



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