Weir Rechle

 Weir on the Vltava at the covered bridge, map
– 284,9 r. km

Description :
sixth of the ten described weirs.
The actual weir is divided into two parts: on the left side, there is the wide slanting part of the weir, and on the right the gravel sluice. On the weir there are four pillars of the wooden bridge „Rechle". Both the left and the right part of the weir are not passable at low water level because the bottom edge of the weir is sharp iron. The height between the levels of the top and bottom part of the weir is about 50 cm. There are a lot of stones under the weir.

How to get over the weir :
There are two options. Carrying your boat over on the right-hand side, or towing your boat on the left side. The decision depends on the time of the year and the weather. In the summer with warm weather, it is easier to land on the left shore and tow the boat along the left side of the weir to a sandy beach, where you get back in the boat in calm water. If you wish to keep dry, there are stairs on the right part of the weir, about 20 to 30 m before it. Carry your boat from there under the weir, and then carefully climb in among the sharp stones for further adventures.

If the water level is high, you can get over the plateau. Approach the weir in the direction of the flow of water, straight on to the edge of the weir, so that you minimize the amount of control you have to exercise when going over. Choose your route between the pillars according to the state of the bed below the weir - stones, branches, etc.
It should be possible to jump the gravel sluice. This is particularly tempting if you have an open boat.

If you're good, you'll go through the narrow passage between the gravel sluice and the first pillar on the right.

Weir on the Vltava at the covered bridge      Weir on the Vltava at the covered bridge

Pavel: "On my old 1920 canoe, I wanted to show how the river wolves do it. With all my baggage on board, and courage in my heart, I headed for the space between the pillar and the sluice. The boat stopped at the edge, water poured over me, and I went over. I sprained my shoulder rescuing the boat, and we fished for the baggage about 300 m downstream. I guess it needed more water."



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