Weir Herbertov

 Weir on the Vltava in Herbertov, map
- (near the recreation centre ČVUT Praha) - 314,95 r. km

Description :
The second of ten described weirs..
The actual weir is divided into three parts: from the left side we have a wide round overflow, then a gravel sluice diked by wooden blocs up to about 180 cm. On the right-hand side is a power plant drive. The passage into the drive is protected by metal railings - be careful the boat does not get dragged in and damaged. The river continues via a man-made slalom canal.

How to get over the weir :
You should carry your boat over the concrete block between the gravel sluice and the power plant drive. You must get out of your boat in deep water onto the actual weir or the wooden blocs of the sluice. On the 10th of March there was still an assisting platform and a ramp from the upper side of the gravel sluice, under the weir level, for an empty boat. To return back on to the boat, there are two staircases on the right shore of the canal. You get on the boat in quite a strong current, so help is necessary for the less experienced. The original part of the bed, on the left side under the weir, cannot be passed through when water is at its normal level. In case of confusion with a high number of boats, it is possible to tow the boats from the plateau of the pillar in the middle of the weir. After conquering the weir comes the more difficult part - a canal 300 m long, where it is difficult to overtake or avoid bumping into other capsized crews. Maintain a longer distance between the boats.

Weir on the Vltava in Herbertov       Weir on the Vltava in Herbertov

A canoer goes down the weir in his boat depending on the water level and expertise of the crew. We recommend going over it one at a time. Cross the actual weir sideways. Choose your route so that at the lower part of the weir, you are turned towards the pillar, then continue to the stairs of the artificial canal where the other person gets into the boat at the bow.

Every year on a Saturday marking the beginning of the summer season there is a competition of the craziest boats from Vyšší Brod to Rožmberk nad Vltavou, and the weir Herbertov is the most popular place for spectators.



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