Weir at Bílý mlýn

 Weir on the Vltava at Bílý mlýn in Vyšší Brod, map
- in Vyšší Brod - 317,9 r. km

Description :
about 5 minutes after leaving the Autocamp Pod hrází, you will be at the first of the ten described weirs on Dolní Vltava.
This is one of the last weirs on the Vltava that a true canoer can really appreciate. No concrete, just a wooden construction with stones. (Let's hope that with the status of an historical monument, it can be rescued from being concreted over, as some of the others have been).

The water flows through the remains of the sluice, and due to the level tank, is continuous. The sluice is on the left side of the river bed. The water there presents no major hazards. The tongue is about 10 to 15 m long and the level drops about 1.2 m. Up to the 10th of March 1998, there were still the remains of a bridge between the actual weir and the small isles under it, to help canoers get into their boats.

How to get over the weir :
Those less courageous carry their boats and material over the actual weir. You can do this, or alternatively travel down in the boat, but it is not possible to tow it down the weir. It is possible to get on the boats directly under the weir, or to tow them further down to the calm water under the isles. If you get on the boat directly under the weir, beware of the water flow from the sluice.

A real canoer goes down the weir in his boat. The technique depends on the water level, how experienced the crew is, and the characteristics and weight of the person in the bow. An open boat is always under threat of being swamped by the very first wave. It is possible to use any technique to go down the weir. I recommend maximum speed to avoid the boat turning over. If you don't manage to keep the boat upright, then you must remember that the current under the weir is very strong and you have to catch your boat immediately after surfacing. I recommend warning your comrades ahead of time so that they can help you.

Weir on the Vltava at Bilý mlýn in Vyšší Brod      Weir on the Vltava at Bilý mlýn in Vyšší Brod

Don't let the first failure prevent you from trying again. You cannot get any wetter the second time. When I started, I took the boat four times up the weir, vulgarities spewing from my lips, before I finally conquered it.



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