Artists in the Český Krumlov Region

Perhaps the general history and unrepeatable atmosphere of ancient little streets together with the deeply imprinted life stories of former inhabitants are the reason that a great majority of artists and galleries are settling in this town these days. But these modern masters of art spread to other places of the region as well. For example Miroslav Raboch, a ceramics specialist, practices in Vyšší Brod, artist František Tácha practises in Loučovice. Creating of wooden relieves is a domain of Zdeněk Hosman from Holubov. The paintings of Ladislav Špičák are displayed from time to time in Kaplice and in the nearby Blansko is a place of work for Milan Kyzour. His paintings are exhibited relatively often at the Kaplice Cafeteria Litera of the couple Matějčkovy. In the nearby village Blansko had been not far ago working Milan Kyzour, who prematurely left his pictorial tools.
Its famous native has village Brloh as well - academic painter Josef Hošma still in summer paints pictures of the Kleť mountain foot. And several years ago he had even participated on the reconstruction of Brloh chapel.

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