Vyšší Brod Historical Society

The first proposal to start such an association was mentioned in the Bulletin in Vyšší Brod in February 1993. After contacting several interested people wishing to join the society, through the media and by posters, the first meeting of potential members was called on the 27th of March 1993. During the meeting, the activities of the association were discussed, rules and regulations were set, and the preparation board was elected. It prepared and sent the constitution of the association for registration, and later organised the first proper meeting of the association. The Historical Society in Vyšší Brod was acknowledged by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic on the 3rd of May 1993, and its first meeting was held on the 7th of June 1993.

Its main activities concern the history of the city and the Monastery in Vyšší Brod. This is also connected with research, exhibition, seminar, propagation, and publication activities. The first activity organised by the Association was "Reading from the Chronicle of the City" in December 1993, where a narrative was accompanied by projections of old photographs and postcards. The Historical Society also initiated the Celebrations of the City of Vyšší Brod being awarded City status in 1994 when it presented the city with a plaque placed in the city park in the square. It also organised a whole day seminar "Vyšší Brod through the Ages", a two week exhibition "Vyšší Brod in History", and in cooperation with the local library, an exhibition "Vyšší Brod in Literature". On the fiftieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War, in 1995 it organised a discussion about the end of the war and occurrences that happened before the year 1948 in Vyšší Brod, and the meeting of the living witnesses of these events, finished off by planting the "Linden Tree of Memory 1945 - 1995" in the park of a Health Care Residence. In the same year, it celebrated the 125th anniversary of Vyšší Brod being awarded City status in 1870 by a postcard exhibition. At the same time an enamel plaque was installed at the city hall, recording its history. The Society would also like to put similar plaques on other important buildings in the city. In addition we should mention that the Society took over the patronage of the graves of important citizens of Vyšší Brod - Dr. Fr. Nitsche and H. Roedl. The Society renewed the graves and preserved them as they did with the monument of Dr. Friedrich Nitsche situated on a rock above the city, which they reconstructed and marked the path leading to it. With the cooperation of the Municipal Authorities, the Society managed to publish the Czech translation of the historical chronicle of the city describing its history up to the Second World War. The publication of the first post-war Czech chronicle is also being prepared. The Society publishes texts about history, once every two months, in the Bulletin in Vyšší Brod as a magazine "Historical Herald". For its members and other interested people, it organises short talks on a variety of historical topics and monument preservation activities during its regular meetings. It also organises trips to the State Archive and the State District Archive in Český Krumlov, State Castle Rožmberk nad Vltavou, and many other places. The Historical Society in Vyšší Brod is a founder of the traditional Fairs of St. Bartoloměj, which it organises every year. From cultural activities of the Society we can mention benefit organ concerts, the money resulting from them sent to Moravia to help flood victims. The Society cooperates with other similar institutions like the Historical Club in České Budějovice, and the Preservation Council in Český Krumlov. It is also active in the non profitable sector - in 1995 it joined the "IVth Conference of non-state, non-profitable organisations in the Czech Republic", among others. One of the targets of the Association is to built a City Museum in Vyšší Brod. At present it cooperates with the City Authority on opening the Remembrance Hall of the city by the Information Centre.


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