Large-area landscape preserves in the Český Krumlov Region

Large Area Natural Reserves with special regulations in the Czech Republic are:

National parks (NP) = large regions, unique on the national or international level; major areas of the parks are formed by natural or little influenced ecosystems, where plants, animals and inanimate nature are of considerable scientific or educational importance.

Vltava mead in national park Šumava, foto: Václav Dolanský

There are four national parks in the Czech Republic: the Giant Mountains National Park (established 1963), National park and Natural Reserve Šumava (1991, formerly just natural reserve since 1963), National Park Podyjí (1991) and National Park České Švýcarsko (2000).

Natural reserves (CHKO) = large areas with harmonic landscape forms, characteristic relief, important rate of natural green and forest ecosystems; contain abundant tree species and/or preserved monuments of a historic settlement. Czech Republic has now 23 such natural reserves.

Our region borders on the Natural Reserve (and National Park) Šumava in the west while the Blanský Forest Natural Reserve is located in the northern part of the region.

Křemže fold in protected area Blanský forest

Bill no. 114/1992 Sb., on protection of nature and landscape, gives power to the environmental protection bodies (municipalities and cities of Prague, Brno, Plzen and Ostrava) to establish parks in the regions of the so-called generally protected areas of nature (ie. outside the areas of national parks, natural reserves, natural monuments and preserves) with a significant concentration of aesthetic and natural values. The function of the parks is to protect the landscape nature of the region, where the landscape nature is defined by the bill on protection of the landscape and nature as natural, cultural and historic characteristics of certain location or region. Interference with landscape nature, especially the location of buildings and planning permissions, must take into account the preservation of important landscape features (woods, valley leas, watercourses, ponds, lakes and peateries), natural reserves with special regulations, cultural monuments of the landscape, harmonic approach and relationships within the landscape.

Four parks have been established in the Český Krumlov region (it is worthy of remark that in the city of Prague there are thirteen parks): Soběnovská Highlands, Vyšebrodsko, Poluška and Novohradské Mountains.


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