Theater Days in Vyšší Brod

Theater Days in Vyšší Brod were first organised by the charity Nadace Malá Šumava in 1995. The main target was to bring a selection of plays to the area in order to enrich local culture. In cooperation with the Cultural Authority in Vyšší Brod and Vyšší Brod a Amateur Theater Ensemble Hrudkováček, the Days took place during the weekend 22nd - 24th of September 1995. Seven theatre ensembles performed, with the main guest, Boris Hybner together with his studio GAG. In total 400 spectators attended the plays that weekend. In the following year, the same charity organised the Days, with the support of the above named, from the 4th to the 6th of October 1996. Six theatre ensembles performed seven plays, and the main guests were the mimes Rudolf Papežík and Boris Hybner. That year the performances were attended by 600 spectators, not only from Vyšší Brod itself, but also from Lipno nad Vltavou, Loučovice, Horní Dvořiště, Horní Planá, Rožmberk nad Vltavou, Kaplice, Český Krumlov, and others. In both these years, amateur and professional ensembles from South Bohemia performed. There was an interesting competition during the Days 96, "Great Little Competition of the Theater Days in Vyšší Brod, and the Bulletin in Vyšší Brod". All the tickets were entered into a lottery, and five winners were presented with some interesting prizes. During this time, there was also large coverage in the press and radio, such as Českokrumlovské listy, Bulletin in Vyšší Brod, MF - Dnes, Radio Faktor, Radio Krumlov, Jihočeský rozhlas, ČNTS Nova.

The third year of the "Theater Days" was organised without the charity Nadace Malá Šumava, which gave up the organising of this by now well known activity,because of changes in its internal structure. In order not to break the tradition, the Amateur Theater Ensemble Hrudkováček, Vyšší Brod took over the organisation of the festival in cooperation with the local Cultural Institution of the City Authority in Vyšší Brod. The organisators did their utmost to save the Theater Days. Because of the reduction of income, they decided to economise as much as possible. In the first place, the festival would start on a Saturday instead of a Friday, and would continue to Sunday. This lowered the expenses for accommodating the members of the ensembles by 50%. They invited only amateur ensembles, and did not invite any prominent actor as a main guest. The ensembles were paid for their travelling expenses and for one night´s accommodation. They were not paid for meals or their performance. The programme was not changed. Finally six amateur and one professional ensemble performed. This was as a substitution for one cancelled performance. Another difference from previous years were the seminars relating to all the performed pieces. The Theater Days in Vyšší Brod are a non-competitive festival of amateur ensembles, which wishes to support their meeting, and mutual recognition. They also want to help them in their work by expressing an impartial opinion. For this purpose specialists were invited to watch each performance, and in the ensuing seminar talked about its positive and negative aspects. Everyone could attend the seminars and join in the debate. Members of the different ensembles and other interested individuals were invited to receive advice and help.

The Theater Days were also for the citizens of Vyšší Brod and its surroundings, to whom they want to offer this type of culture and bring pleasure and enjoyment. The Days were organised mainly for children, which is why tickets were sold at the lowest possible price - 10,- Kč. At the same time, there were some special buses organised from Lipno nad Vltavou to Vyšší Brod especially for the performances, and these were the buses of the performing ensembles. There was again a competition for spectators. A member of the audience drew a winner who received a book.

It was only possible to organise the Theater Days in Vyšší Brod with the help and financial support of the City Authority and the District Authority in Český Krumlov, Village Authority Lipno nad Vltavou, Lesy Vyšší Brod, a.s., and Agrowald Rožmberk, s.r.o.

The Theater Days in Vyšší Brod want to enable the different ensembles to meet each other. They also perform a prestigious activity for the town of Vyšší Brod. In 1998 the Days are proclaimed a Regional Festival, where the ensembles can be recommended to enter the State Festival of Village Theatre Ensembles "Krokonos' Theatre Autumn" in Vysoké nad Jizerou in 1999.


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