Artistic Ensemble Šumaváček

Address :
382 27 Loučovice 276
Miroslav Procházka

Telephone :
+420 380 748 013

Contact :
Miroslav Procházka, Helena Koublová

The dance ensemble Šumaváček works with the primary school in Vyšší Brod, enrolls children from 8 to 18 years old as well as interested adults, and its main style is modern square dance - a modern form of American folk dance. Sometimes also old time style, line dance, contra, national dances of different countries, and others.

Both leaders have participated in founding The Czech Children Country Dance Club Association (CCCDCA). Miroslav Procházka is the President of the association and both leaders are active in its management.

The ensemble Šumaváček was the first one to organise The Statewide Meeting of the Children Country Dance Clubs (CSDCTS) in 1991, and the tradition has survived until today. From 1994 the meetings have taken place in Český Krumlov, and came under the legal protection of CCCDCA from 1995. 1997 was its 7th year with more than 600 active dancers (cca 40 ensembles) from the entire Republic and Slovakia.

The ensemble organises smaller meetings for other children (September 1997 - seminar on Scottish dances under the guidance of Scottish tutours - Norman Shepherd, Margaret Bowie), or activities for parents. The leaders of the ensemble cooperate in the teaching and spreading of country dancing; the ensemble constantly looks for foreign materials and spreads new information and ideas to similar ensembles in our Republic.

For those interested, we are able to perform a four-hour or weekend seminar, both for children and for teachers or leaders of dance clubs at the location where they live.

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