The state of the non-profit sector in Český Krumlov

The following text has been taken from a bachelors dissertation written on the state of the non-profit sector in Český Krumlov by Miss Vendula Mičanová. The author used two basic resources for her study - notes from seminars held by ICN in October 1998 and the results of surveys that she carried out in 20 of Český Krumlov's non-profit organizations.

Results of the survey
Status of surveyed organizations

Legal status
FoundationAssociationPublic-serving organization

On 31st of December 1998 the 12-month term for the re-registration of foundations, which was set out by the new law no. 227/97 on foundations and foundation funds, ended. As a result, the categorization of surveyed organizations changed as follows:

FoundationFoundation FundAssociationPublic-serving organization

Activities of the surveyed organizations

Culture and art4
Social services4
Ecology, environment3
Education, personal development2
International activities, information2
Historical monuments protection2
School support2
Sport and physical education1

Range of operation of the surveyed organizations

Range of operationAmount

15 of the organizations are independent subjects without any branches and 5 are branches of nation-wide organizations.

Number of employees at the surveyed organizations

Number of employees01 - 56 - 1010 and more
Number of organizations11612

Places of operation
7 organizations rent office space at regular rental rates.
5 organizations use spaces which belong to the City of Český Krumlov either at a reduced rate or in return for general maintenance.
8 organizations do not have their own offices and use their member’s flats or places made available free of charge by other organizations that support their activities.

Financial resources
Each of the surveyed organizations makes use of a variety of financial resources. The answers are sorted by frequency of repeated answers:

  1. Sponsorship (mentioned 11 times)
  2. Gifts, grants, state donations, own sources (6 times)
  3. Donations from the City of Český Krumlov (5 times)
  4. Fundraising events, benefits (3 times)

Problems, challenges
The most commonly mentioned problem was the absolute lack of financial means (mentioned 15 times). Following this was the was the unwillingness of state clerks and the lack of interest on the part of the public (3 times). Non-profit organizations in Český Krumlov also want open flows of information and are dissatisfied with the level of cooperation amongst themselves.

Proposal for the solution to problems and challenges
For the solution of their financial problems, the organizations propose: the employment of a person specifically for fundraising activities, the attraction of the interest of philanthropy , and the acquisition of donations from the Nadační investiční fond (Fund for Investment in Foundations) and the Český Krumlov Grant Program; decentralization and improvement of the transparency of the resources available to non-profit organizations; the regulation of sponsored campaigns.

Other proposals for the solution to other problems include: the creation of common procedures for the non-profit organizations toward state administration and the Český Krumlov City Hall; the improvement of cooperation and elimination of reluctance among organizations; the development of the consciousness of the public; the recruitment of more active people and experts; the creation of a concrete approach for the government and parliament to take toward the non-profit sector; a law of free access to information.

Evaluation of cooperation with the Český Krumlov City Hall
2 organizations noted that cooperation with Český Krumlov City Hall is very good, 14 answered that it is good, 4 answered that it is poor.
The support from the Český Krumlov City Hall consists of the provision of places where non-profit organizations can meet or financial support by way of lending meeting spaces. As a side note, the organizations mentioned that city hall is missing a clear vision, strategy, and established priorities on which they can base their further development. The city does not have an exact concept, strategy or priorities and this slows further development.

Proposals for the support of communication and cooperation as noted by the surveyed organizations.
Non-profit organizations have offered these proposals for the support of communication and cooperation: create a central information registry; meet, discuss, and look for a common purpose; create a "non-profit house" as a center for non-profit and civil activities; establish a community alliance; organize common activities and joint publications; involve people in the decision-making processes of matters which are of concern to them.

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