Sports and games in the Český Krumlov Region

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Sports in the region have deep-routed traditions and many successes to their credit. From its beginnings up to the present it has developed; new sports arise, and some of the older ones disappear. This depends on local tastes, conditions, and interest. In the organisations targeted at physical education there have been many changes of names, TJ (physical education authority), SK (sports club), FK (football club), HC (hockey club), and many others. Even the organisation structure has changed to reach its present position, which of course will not be the ultimate one.

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The types of sporting activities are derived from the geographical position of the region, its climatic conditions, and traditions, as well as from important successes of famous people in history and recent times. The majority are team sports like football, hockey, volleyball, and others; some of the individual ones are badminton, tennis, , ultramarathon, body building, karate and other martial sports; water sports - yachting and surfing, etc. Other sports enjoyed are skiing, car rallyeing, athletics, chess, and so on.

The region is ideal for recreational sports, such as hiking, riding, cycling, water sports, shooting, table tennis, kickball, bowling, angling, running, or skiing.

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