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 Volunteer fire brigade, 1995
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František Veis, Třísov

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History :

The origin of firemen in region Křemže comes from year 1880. In these and later years was Třísov's fire brigade just part of Křemže' brigade later of Holubov's one. In records from these years we can find names of Třísov's inhabitants - Honetschläger, Bína, Pešl, Cába, Šimek, Šustr, Jiřička, Urban and others, who have merit on spreading of firemen's idea "To protect neighbor, to make country famous.".

Origins of separate Třísov's fire brigade are dated back to year 1935. Those were modest but promising. To this fact corresponded also armament and outfit of firemen.
Třísov - spring common in fornt is armor of fire brigade  
For example armoury of fire brigade was projected in year 1927 by master bricklayer Bohatý from Holubov and it is fully sufficient till today. It used to be equipped with hempen hoses, hooks, ladders, wooden dryer for hoses etc. The brigade joined 53 members, what was relatively high number for those years. In year 1937 after negotiations with land owners prepared firemen for themselves training area in Doubí behind Třísov's lime.

The great celebration was held on 2. July 1939 during obtaining new, two wheel motor squirt, bought from company Smekal Slatiňany. This squirt is in Třísov stored till today in operation able condition.

Association pursued also other activities. It was regular training of pupils and number of theme exercise. Association organized social events as balls, dancing parties and chiefly amateur theatre, which mainly during years of war played important role.

After deliberation started the brigade its work with 65 members. Net revenue from celebration of Harvest home in August 1945 was given to buy trophy car, which is till today remembered in Třísov with nostalgia. Since that time used fire brigade several cars up to today's modernly equipped box Avie.

At beginning of the 50's was the fire brigade shortly combined with Holubov's one, and it became separate again in 1955 with 64 members. Led by new chairman Václav Svoboda the brigade was very active and it participated on location of several forest fires and mainly of the great one, set by lightning at the Podhradští.

At the end of the 50's came into to head of brigade new chairman František Bína. In this period was also rebuilt clubhouse at fire armoury.

Present time :

Great expansion arrived at the beginning of the 70's, when enlarged membership reached 83 persons. Important shift was connection of brigade into preparation for qualifying competition for international competition in CTIF disciplines at world championship in Italy. Just
Regional competition of fire men in Třísov 1999  
by unfavourable circumstances the team did not move up. In the 90' brigade joined 95 members, who finished building of playground and training area beside newly constructed multi-purpose water reservoir located above Třísov. For storing needful tools and technique was built prefabricated garage. Except for successes in regional and district competitions, the brigade obtained also prestige price "Silver squirt" in Lovosice.

At the end of the 80's was finished reconstruction of former kindergarten in Třísov, what enlarged and improved basement for firemen and normal inhabitants. Team is still attending various competitions, for example in Přední Výtoň, Šindlovy Dvory, Memorial of J. Urban (native form Třísov) or Memorial of J. Vitek in Holubov. Men team represented Southbohemian region at Czech Republic championship in Sušice. The most important success was reached by pupil's team led by Mr. Klimeš, which brought from Kopřivnice 1. place and golden medals from national round of game Plamen (Flame).

Today join the fire brigade 90 members, including 25 women. One third of members are due to their age not active yet and work in committee and help with securing of events.

The oldest member is Mrs. Anastázie Šimečková, who is member over 60 years. Mayor of fire brigade is Mr. Vladimír Filistein. Pupils are every summer going to camp in Lipno. Over winter they are training in gym and use swimming pool. From several members grew even professional firemen.

Třísov, lido I. annual of competition the Cup of Třísov's Volunteer fire brigade, 2000

Even today members of fire brigade take part on organizing of cultural life in village. They organize traditional party and since year 1983 is here held Meeting under chestnut tree usually joined by 350 members. Local radio plays for inhabitants' jubilees and those celebrating round jubilee are being visited by delegation of association with small present.

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