Polečnice Stream

Apart from the Vltava River, there also is a stream Polečnice in Český Krumlov, often called Chvalšinský stream. It has its source near the village Míšňany, southwest of Chvalšiny, 830 m above sea level.

The stream flows through both a narrow and a wide bed, and meanders extensively. It has been given all sorts of different names: Mlýnský, Hořický, Kájovský, even Chvalšinský stream. It joins the Vltava river in Český Krumlov in a deep rocky bed, which replaced the original bed - leading from the pond in Jelení garden. There used to be a game-park here founded by the Rosenbergs. Unfortunately all the deer were killed by the flood in the summer of 1848 (the water level is marked by the mark on the wall near the north rear entrance of the castle).

Polečnice Stream - Chvalšinský stream under the bridge at the Budějovická Gate in Český Krumlov, foto: Libor Sváček

Below Kájov the 16 km long Chvalšinský stream joins the Polečnice. It is created by the confluence of the Lužný and Třebechovický streams, near the village Střemily, northwest of Chvalšiny. It drains the water from the south parts of Blanský Forest.

The total length of the stream Polečnice is 28,9 km, its catchment area is 198 km2 with the amount of forests 50%, the average annual flow at its confluence with the Vltava is 1,64 m3/s. It is subject to frequent flooding.

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