District Veterinary Administration in Český Krumlov

Address :
Okresní veterinární správa
Domoradice č. 126
381 25 Český Krumlov
Telephone :
Operator+420 380 711 333
+420 380 711 941
Director+420 380 711 993
Fax+420 380 711 759

Regional veterinary administration in Český Krumlov Working hours :
Monday8,00 - 17,00
Wednesday8,00 - 17,00

Regular working hours :
everyday7,00 - 15,30

Branch office :
Customs Veterinary Station (CVS)
382 72 Dolní Dvořiště 168

Telefon + Fax :

Working hours : Working hours: 24 hour a day service

Organisation structure of the CVS :
Senior Inspector of the CVS
Inspectors of the CVS

Organisation structure :
Main Inspector of Ecology
Main Inspector of Epizootology
Main Inspector of Food Hygiene
District Inspector - lactologist
District Inspectors

Main activities :
The District Veterinary Administration (DVA) is a state budgeted organisation according to §8 of Law no. 108/1987, concerning responsibilities of veterinary institutions in the Czech Republic. It is directly subordinate to the State Veterinary Administration of the Czech Republic, Prague.

The responsibilities of the DVA are stated in §9 and §10 of Law no. 108/1987. Its main duty is to provide veterinary care under state administration in the sector of veterinary care.

The main tasks of the DVA are to protect health of animals; ensure that food, drink, and materials of animal origin are safe to eat, drink or use; prevent infectious illnesses of animals and those transferable from animals to humans; protect the area of the Czech Republic against sources of infections, hazardous imported animal products and feed; protect animals and their products against ecological risks; and constantly endeavour to protect the environment from the hazards of animal husbandry, and the manufacturing and use of animal products.

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