District Administration of Social Security in Český Krumlov

Address :
Okresní správa sociálního zabezpečení (OSSZ)
Plešivec 251
381 29 Český Krumlov

Telephone :
Operator+420 380 777 111 (basic number 777)
Director+420 380 728 011
Fax+420 380 729 252
Health Insurance Dept.+420 380 728 816

Working hours :
Monday8,00 - 17,00
Wednesday8,00 - 17,00

Branch office :
The DASS has no branch offices, only the health of Kaplice citizens is judged in the health centre in Kaplice.

Structure of the organisation :

The Directorial Department, the Department of Claiming Debts, the Solicitor Department

the Health Insurance Department - main activities :
providing health insurance for self-employed citizens, employees of small organisations (up to 25 employees), applicants for jobs
checking payments of insurance and health insurance in organisations
deciding in ambiguous cases about the level of health insurance, payments, fines

The Pension Insurance Department - main activities :
writing and checking the application forms for the different kinds of pensions
control of the preparative pension meetings in organisations
rehabilitation, agenda of birth numbers, voluntary pension insurance, control of the evidential documents for pension insurance

The Department of Medical Judging Services - main activities :
evidence of work disability
judging health of citizens for pension donations, state social donations, and social care
assessment of work ability
control of conformity to curative regime of unenabled work individuals

The Economic Department

Global Description :
DASS is a state institution providing state administration in the social security sector, mainly pension insurance, health insurance, and insurance for social security, and donations for the state employment issues.

Further information :
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