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 Logo of the Official Information System of the Český Krumlov Region, made by Ema Majerová - EM GRAFIKA
Address :
Náměstí Svornosti č. p. 1
381 01 Český Krumlov

Bank account :
112218303/0300, ČSOB a.s. Český Krumlov

IČO : 69092206
DIČ : 082-69092206

Project of the Official information system of the Český Krumlov region has originated since December 1997. At the beginning stood an effort to present the official place and region Český Krumlov by internet under the aegis of noted personalities and institutions and to react on the fragmentary, inaccurate and often misleading information about region, which were available on internet in those times.

In the present the Official information system represents complex, correct, official and professionaly guaranteed collection of information about Český Krumlov region, which is actualized and enlarged all the time.

Areal view of Český Krumlov and surroundings, foto: Lubor Mrázek

Aims of the Official information system of Český Krumlov region
to continue in established co-operation between the state administration, local self-government, non-profit organizations, commerce companies and private initiatives
through internet provide in the whole-world scale officially guaranteed information from all branches of Krumlov community life
socio-economic development of region, obtaining over-border commerce co-operation, supporting new job opportunities and travelling as a main source of Český Krumlov region income
supporting development of civil society by means of internet communicative forums ensure democratic discussions between all parts of society
by means of schooling and enligment work rise internet culture of citizens in Český Krumlov region

Official information system Český Krumlov articles

I. Aim of association
The aim of association is an administration, permanent actualization and future development of Official information system of castle, town and region Český Krumlov (OIS)n OIS), by means of OIS development of civil society in region and development of co-ordination with local state administration bodies, local self-government, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and individuals.

II. Seat of association
The seat of association OIS is town office, town square Svornosti No. 1, 381 01 Český Krumlov

III. Bodies of association
The supreme body of the association is the meeting of its members.

IV. Meeting of members
1) Meeting of members is formed by both legal and physical entities conducted with origin of OIS
2) Meeting of members is created on session called together by preparatory committee
3) Each member of the meeting of members is a member of association
4) Meeting of members is acting according to needs after being called by directive council or 3 association members, at least once per 6 months.
5) Meeting of members is able to resolve on if more than one half of association members is present.
6) Meeting of members is permitted receive these decisions :
  a) articles change
  b) election of directive and supervisory council
  c) managing rules (usually for one calendar year) 
  d) extinction of association
7) Meeting of members decides by over-half majority of all members.
8) The meetings are managed by a chairman, who is elected on bases of association member´s proposal. There is one chairman for each meeting.
  9) Recorder makes the meeting record, which is signed by the chairman and chosen attester.

V. Directive council
1) Members of directive council are elected from meeting by its.
2) Directive council has 5 members elected for one year term.
3) Directive council members vote during their first meeting a chairman.
4) Meeting of directive council calls together its chairman or other directive council member according to needs.
5) Meeting of directive council is not public.
6) Directive council can resolve on if over-half of members is present.
7) Each directive council member has one vote. Decisions pass by over-half majority of all (not only present) members
8) Directive council presents to meeting of members proposal of managing rules for one calendar year.
9) Directive council deals chiefly with:
  a) check of processing and contents of the OIS
  b) technical processing of the OIS
  c) audit of the OIS investments
  d) check of fulfilling planned stages of the OIS
  e) methodical managing of contents and technical processing of the OIS
  f) professional managing of the OIS
10) About directive council acting is made record.

VI. Chairman of the directive council
  1) Chairman of the directive council manages activities, except for those, which are given to meeting of members and directive council by these articles.
  2) Chairman of the directive council mainly ensures:
  a) keeping list of association members
  b) fulfilling of the directive council resolutions
  c) basic association activities
  d) association management
  e) filing of association possession
  f) bases for the directive council acting

VII. Supervisory council
  1) Supervisory council has three members, who are elected by the meeting of members
  2) Supervisory council and the directive council have identical election terms
  3) Supervisory council member can not be at once member of the directive council
  4) Supervisory council:
  a) checks association management
  b) processes report (for financial year) about managing, this record is given to the meeting of members
  c) checks inventarization of association possession

VIII. Acting in the name of the association
  1) In the name of association can act:
  a) independently the chairman of directive council
  b) independently a person delegated by the directive council
  2) Signature right has independently the chairman of directive council and also every delegated member of the directive council.

IX. Origin and extinction of a membership
  1) Origin of membership
  a) Membership in association originates to members of a preparatory committee and based on point II of the second article by signing of the written declaration.

Association can be joined on bases of the written declaration. There must be mentioned, that proceeding member will join the association and agrees with its articles. Meeting of members must agree with proceeding to the association. Meeting of members decides about proceeding of a new member with 3/5 majority of all members of the meeting. Membership in the association originates to the 1st day of month which follows after the day when the meeting of members decided about proceeding.

  c) Membership can not be transferred to another person.
  2) Extinction of membership
  a) Membership in association extincts after leaving the association.
  b) To leave an association is possible on bases of written notice given by leaving member addressed to the directive council.

X. Member´s rights and duties
  1) Each member must act in order to reach dealt aim due to the article I.
  2) Right to participate on association acting
  a) Member of association has a right to attend the meeting of members and vote there.
  b) Member of association has right to be informed about conclusions from directive council acting and to get copy of acting record. Member of association has right to receive written record about association management processed by the directive council.
  c) Member of association has right to receive written record about association management processed by the supervisory council.
  3) Right for property settlement
Property settlement after extinction of the association or membership will be carried out due to provided contributions of both tangible and intangible assets.

XI. Association possession
Possession gained by the association as well as all rights for creating of the OIS are in exclusive ownership of the association.

XII. Managing principles
  1) Association works with both tangible and intangible assets.
  2) The main assets sources:
  a) gifts and contributions from physical and legal entities
  b) assets yields
  c) yields from activities during fulfilling aims of the association
  d) contributions from public budgets
  3) Directive council is liable for managing of the association. Directive council also gives bases to the supervisory council to process report about managing.
  4) Year plan of managing passes through directive board.

XIII. Final statements
Association follows in other legal acts law No. 83/1990 about associating of citizens.

List of the OIS Český Krumlov members

Juridical Persons :

Český Krumlov Municipal Offices
vice-mayor Ing. Arch. Robin Schinko
nám. Svornosti No. 1, 381 01 Český Krumlov

State Castle Český Krumlov
PhDr. Pavel Slavko
Zámek No. 59, 381 01 Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov Development Fund
Ing. Miroslav Reitinger, Mgr. Zdena Flašková
Masná No. 131, 381 01 Český Krumlov

Foundation of the Baroque Theater in Český Krumlov
Hana Kučerová
Zámek No. 59, 381 01 Český Krumlov

Kaplice Municipal Office
mayor Ferdinand Jiskra
deputy Ing. Václav Čurda
Náměstí No. 70, 382 41 Kaplice

Velešín Municipal Office
Ing. Vladimír Jantač
deputy Ing. Vladimír Jantač
382 32 Velešín

Vyšší Brod Municipal Office
mayor Mgr. Marie Ederová
382 73 Vyšší Brod

European Information Centre of the South Bohemian University
Prof. Gabriel Švejda
deputy Bc. Vítězslav Jílek
Krajinská No. 2, 370 01 České Budějovice

Physical Persons :

Q Sun foto Český Krumlov
Ing. Ladislav Pouzar
Chvalšinská No. 231, 381 01 Český Krumlov

Ing. Jiří Kiprý
Zámecké schody No. 11, 381 01 Český Krumlov

Supervisory council :

Directive council :

Further information :
The updating centre of the Official informative system of Český Krumlov region


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