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Address :
South Bohemian chamber of commerce
Regional office Český Krumlov
Linecká 266
381 01 Český Krumlov
 Contact :
Mgr. Zdenka Doleželová
Telephone, Fax :
+420 380 711 340
 E-mail :
Working hours :
Monday8,00 - 15,00
Wednesday8,00 - 15,00
 WWW :

South Bohemian chamber of commerce was established according to Law no. 301/1992 and is an independent judicial institution, listed in the business registry of the District Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic. The District Chamber of Commerce serves to support entrepreneurial activities and to support and defend the interests of its members. All activities of the District Chamber of Commerce are in compliance to its statute, rules, and internal regulations.
At present there are 90 entrepreneurial subjects. They meet regularly during the year.

Statutory organs :
Chairman :Ing. Otakar Veselý
Vice Chairman :Ing. Jaromír Marek

Activities :
English and German courses are held
Organization of special courses and training (Electronic signature, Customs Law Amendment, Employer duties in the sphere of work safety).
Co-operation with Wirtschaftskammer from Upper Austria
Organization of balls arranged by a profession or a social group
Information about programmes regarding entrepreneurs support
Tennis tournaments are held

Further information :
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