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The non-profit sector is part of the formulation of an open civil society in our republic, that is, a society which allows people to freely form associations and create more or less formalized organizations, through which they can participate in the solution of individual personal, group or societal problems.

The non-profit sector creates a space for the systematic interchange of information among people who are concerned with similar issues and it allows them to exert their influence over activities that exceed the power of the individual. It is a device for the development of the characters of its members who, at the same time, gain the feeling of oneness with a particular collective and an understanding of the meaning of social activities. Non-profit organizations are important not only in terms of the individual but they also administrate a number of important functions that state or private organizations manage either inefficiently or with much difficulty or that they can not manage at all.

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Spheres of Activity of Nonprofit Organizations
Financial Resources of Nonprofit Organizations

Daily news about people for people can be found on the website– the internet guide of the civil society.

Ways in which civil associations participate in public life in City of Český Krumlov and in the Český Krumlov region can be found on the following pages:

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Spheres of activity of non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations encompass a wide range of human activity: culture, science and technology, child-raising, education, health and social care, sport, the care of the environment , etc. Nevertheless, we can define a number of characteristic features that all non-profit organization have in common :
they are independent on state sector, they could be supported by state but legally and organizationally they are independent
they do not divide profits—any profit from their activities is used for the further development of the organization
they operate independently of the state sector, with their own directive mechanisms—common goals, rules and principles, and even organizational structures are established by a set group of people
they are voluntary
they serve the public benefit--they can be organized according to: those whose goal is to serve the interests of their own members (mutually beneficial), and those whose main goal is the acquisition of publicly beneficial services (publicly beneficial)

Competitor's parade in Radniční Street before the race - 1st World Championship in Tube Sailing 1999

The financial resources of non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations registered in the Czech Republic can use the following financial resources: grants from endowments and foundations; state appropriations and contributions; grant contributions from embassies; and finances acquired from their own activities.

Presently, the non-profit sector in the Czech Republic “stands and falls” with the division of state contributions that cover approximately 80% of their needs, foreign governmental sources that cover approximately 1.3%, foreign endowments that cover about 8% and Czech endowments roughly 6%. The remaining 4 -5% are covered by private and corporate donations. Because the presented amounts have been taken from data that is from 1995 and a clear summary of the actual inputs of the non-profit sector does not exist, these data can not be taken as completely accurate. In reality this percentage is a bit higher.

Perspektivy 99, exhibition of Český Krumlov noprofit organizations. It took place in Town Theatre Český Krumlov within February campaign "30 days for nonprofit sector in Czech Republic" 1999.


As the terminology that relates to non-governmental activities is developing or as the content of this terminology is changing, how do we conceive concepts such as non-profit organizations, non-profit organizations, civil initiative, civil society, and so on? It still is not clear what exactly falls under these terms. In some theoretical accounts religious circles, political movements and political parties, unions, etc. have been placed in these categories. More commonly however, what is meant is a summary of civil associations, endowments, foundations, generally beneficial associations, judicial associations of legal persons (provided that they have a goal other than the acquisition of profit), religious organizations, and branches of international organizations of similar character.

If you are interested learning more about the civil society, visit the Information Center for the Civil Sector – Civil Association, which provides information services for the civil sector.

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