Civic Association for Vítkův Hrádek Castle

Svatý Tomáš (town Přední Výtoň)

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Legal identity:
 Vítkův Hrádek-Do not enter
Civic association with its own legal identity in compliance with Act no. 83 / 1990 Sb. about association of citizens. Registered at Ministry of Internal Affairs of Czech Republic on 13th March 1998 under registration number: VS/1-1/35434/98-R

Preserving and opening of ruins of
Little Castle Vítkův Hrádek at Svatý Tomáš (village Přední Výtoň)

In the southmost part of Southern Bohemia there is romantic ruins of venerable sentry castle Vítkův Hrádek in the armful of Šumava deep forests. It is situated on the Mt. Svatý Tomaš (altitude 1035 m above sea level) between state boundary and mirroring surface of Lake Lipno. It was like elf-strucked for forty years into this forgotten nook of our country. It silently endured foulness of weather or human bad habits and waited. And suddenly the damnation gone away and the first visitors saw the ancient ruins and its venerable walls. And next visitors are coming... And everybody who came there could feel their smooth and cool breath. Now the visitors is starting to think about its rich history which influenced Czech history and became the subject of some artworks.
Unfortunatelly the ancient walls aren't able to resist all the unfavourable influences themselves. They are still silently standing against blue sky but could be seen its gradual devastation. From mighty tower we can't already take delight of mysterious view over surrounding countryside with dark and contemplative Šumava mountains and Mt. Kleť on one side and of stripe of sharp peaks of the Alpes on second side. Granite staircase leading onto the tower fell down, some of the stones covering the tower wall-copping were thrown down. The visitors are stopped by strict label - DO NOT ENTER.

We would like to reduce the devastation and enable to all the quiet visit of the castle. We would like to apostrophize all who would like to help us with our difficult imposition.

Civic Association for Vítkův Hrádek Castle is attempting preservation of current state of the ruins of Little Castle Vítkův Hrádek at Svatý Tomáš (village Přední Výtoň) and providing its opening to public as remarkable cultural monument. It is also neccassary to create suitable backstage for representation of history and present not even the castle but also its near surroundings. The area can be also used for cultural events which will increase tourist's atractivity of this plase and whole surrounding Šumava. This plan is divided in several steps that will be gradually realized in next years. The finishing of fundamental works will be pointed to the year 2005 when it is supposed to use the place during celebration of 200 years from birth of regional writer A.Stifter. For this occasion it is planned to start with permanent opening of the ruins.

Supposed steps for preserving and opening of ruins Vítkův Hrádek:

 Vítkův Hrádek
Since 1998 we have already managed:

Our efforts in the year 2002:

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