ČR Ministry of Agriculture - Territory Department

Address :
Ministerstvo zemědělství České republiky
Územní odbor
Vyšehrad 169
381 11 Český Krumlov

Telephone :
Director+420 380 712 072
Forest donations, deferred payments00420-337-3138
donations, information, compensation according to Law no. 234/199200420-337-3379

Fax :

Working hours :
Monday7,00 - 17,00
Wednesday7,00 - 17,00

Main activities :
stating responsible persons according to Law no. 243/1992
giving compensation for land which cannot be returned according to Law no. 229/1991
paying compensation for properties
providing conciliation meetings of legitimate and responsible persons (verdicts of the conciliation committee have no legal impact)
enforcing the government decree from the 26th of November 1997, which names projects supporting the non-production functions of agriculture, protection of the land, other projects
confirmation of requests for supportive credit and feudal fund
giving donations according to the rules applying to investive and non-investive donations
consultancy for farmers
resolving the termination of work of the State farmers in the region
control of the agricultural sector
the institution of appeal when appealing, according to Law no. 39/1993

Further information :
State Institutions in the Český Krumlov Region
Institutions in Český Krumlov


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