Gamekeeping in the Český Krumlov Region

Gamekeeping is one of the integral parts of the file of ecological and agricultural activities carried out by people in the surrounding forests and land. This relationship is created by the influence of the environment on the animals, and by their effect on the environment. These natural processes take place of course in the Český Krumlov Region.

121,412 ha of the region are designated hunting areas. Out of this, 60,992 ha are forests, 50,664 ha agricultural land, and the remainder of the area measures 9434 ha. The water area (not including the Lipno Dam) is 322 ha.

Deer preserve in Zátoň, foto: Lubor Mrázek

This land is divided into 84 hunting grounds and 1 game park. The hunting ground Osek is the smallest (529 ha), Přízeň is the largest (3762 ha). The average area for one hunting ground is 1444 ha.

Allocation according to owner :Number of hunting groundsArea in ha
Hunting Associations5674 970
Forests of the Czech Republic2541 047
The Land Authority of the Czech Republic35 395

Animals are considered a natural heritage according to the Gamekeeping Law. There are many species of animals in the district. According to the valid hunters legislature, some species have their norm group numbers stated, which the state lends to the users of the hunting grounds.

Hog game in wood, foto: Václav Dolanský

of animal
norm group stateaverage number of hunted animals a year 1993 - 1997
red deer92334
fallow deer20-
roe deer40121682
wild boar2461356

Animal kindaverage number of hunted animals per year (1993 - 1997)
wild duck3332
wild pigeon321

There are some endangered species in the region, like the river otter, wood-grouse, wood crane, homing pigeon, screeching eagle, and great raven. On the periphery we can even find the European elk. Its population changes through the year, because of its migration to Austria, but on average there are is 12 specimens. Another animal, which came from the Šumava in the last decade is the lynx. Its population is about 26.

 Migratory falcon, foto: Lubor Mrázek
In the Český Krumlov district there are 1300 active gamekeepers operating. The Český Krumlov district has its hunting plan worked out up to the year 2003. The aim of it is to keep all species in reasonable numbers and high quality for the succeeding generations.

Contact address :
Czech - Moravian Hunting Association (ČMMJ)
ČMMJ - Hubert s. r. o.
District Gamekeeping Unit
Latrán 67 (with a shop for hunting accessories)
381 01 Český Krumlov

Telephone, fax :
+420 380 711 405

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