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Map information system Šumava - Lipno area (MIS) is a collection of large tentative cycling maps 1 : 30 000, which are located at the most attractive touristic locations of the Lipno area. In present time 20 maps are installed :

Click-sensitive map of Map information system Šumava -  Lipno area (MIS)

Kaplice information center
Dolní Dvořiště gas station Devil
Rožmberk gas station RobinOil
Český Krumlov Radniční street
Vyšší Brod bus stop by Municipal Office
Čertova Stěna car park
Lipno nad Vltavou parking at dike
Lipno nad Vltavou gas station HOS
Marina Lipno car park
Marina Lipno reception of Landal Green Parks
Kramolín Ski area
Frymburk upper part of square
Přední Výtoň crossing Lipno-Guglwald
Svatý Tomáš tourist trail
Černá v Pošumaví bus stop
Černá v Pošumaví crossing Horní Planá - Jestřábí
Horní Planá square by shopping center
Horní Planá ferriage
Nová Pec bus stop
Nové Údolí railroad stop Haidmühle

Due to huge interest of tourists and entrepreneurs, we are going to include other interesting and attractive locations through out the whole South Bohemia region.

Aim of project MIS is to ease orientation in region for tourists, to inform and present offering of accommodation, services, culture events and sports in the Lipno area.

Map information system Šumava - Lipno region, cyclists are reading the maps

Indivisible part of MIS are cycling maps 1 : 50 000, which are provided in  shops. Significance of the Lipno area as a very attractive location for tourists is rising. It is proven by interest of both Czech and foreign investors on realizing new projects. Here belongs cycling paths round the lake, generous project of Marina Lipno, ski area Kramolín or floating restaurant Bohemia.

Realization of project agency Unios started in July 1999, in co-operation with Association of Lipno villages and with financial support of company Foto - World spol. s r.o., exclusive importer and distributor of products of Kodak for Czech Republic through media support of the official information system in the Český Krumlov region.

Map information system Šumava - Lipno region, map sample

Advertising pricelist at MIS:
size of advertising field 15 x 15 cm
duration of advertisement 12 months
1 advertising field 2.950,- Kč + 22% VAT Field
2 to 5 advertising fields 2.212,- Kč + 22% VAT Field  / 12 months
6 to 10 fields  1.475,- Kč + 22% VAT Field
11 and more advertising fields  1.300,- Kč + 22% VAT Field
generální partner obsazeno
hlavní partner 4.500,- Kč + 22% DPH / mapa
oficiální partner 2.250,- Kč + 22% DPH / mapa


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Further information :
Click-sensitive map of Map information system Šumava -  Lipno area (MIS)
Association of Lipno villages
Lipno Dam


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