20. 7. - 23. 7. 2006

Křemže 35, 382 03
tel. +420 380 741 126, +420 380 741 205, fax +420 380 741 181

Already 15th annual organizes
Municipal office Křemže
exhibitors orders till April 30th


Basic participation rules


Fair order
article 1 This fair order is valid for every participant of Křemže fair.
article 2 Reception, file

About reception into the fair decides only the fair company (further reffered as company). Participant are filed among exhibitors based on evidence number.

article 3 Enrolment

a) enrolment to fair is realized by exhibitor after sending correctly filled and signed ordering forms

b) once are ordering forms received, enrolment becomes official and can be taken back only by written form at latest one month before the fair starts

c) if company exceptionally agrees with withdrawal of order after this term, exhibitor must pay all expenses which arise to company as ensurment of exhibition area . The cancellation fee is at least 20% of dealt rent

article 4 Area assignment

a) as exhibition areas are available spaces at schools, cinema and on the open air

b) once the exhibitor signs agreement (based on his order) about price of hired exhibition area and pays mailed invoice, area at the fair ground is given to him. If area is not occupied by the second day of fair, company declares it as free and hires it to different exhibitor. The invoice must be paid in given term. If this term is not kept company withdraws contract.

article 5 installation

Current is entered together with ordering form. The installation can be carried out by exhibitor on his own costs or by professional company. Connection to main line can be made only at special place only by fair electrician. Willful connection to electricity line will be punished. Electric machines which are to be used must be inspected. For plug must be given inputs of electrical appliances.
So it counts for water plug

article 6 Realization place arrangement

Areas are hired empty. Their arrangement is up to exhibitor. Exhibitor must keep company orders. Arrangements which belie to architectural design of fair ground must exhibitor based on company decision change or remove. In case of braking this rule company has right to ask exhibitor to clear his area. So cleared areas can be called by company as free and can be further hired again. By this action does not arise to exhibitor any claim for compensation of his expenses. The exhibitor must return hired areas after fair ends in original condition. Exchanges of hired areas or their further rental to the third person are not allowable without company approval.
Hired area must be in day of fair beginning , and during fair duration, at 8.00 o´clock prepared and professionaly ensured.

article 7 Responsibility for damages

Company is not responsible for damages of exhibits during fair. Exhibitors can against theft or other damages their exhibits insure.
Exhibitor is responsible for damages caused by him or his employees on possession of company or other exhibitors.

article 8 Liquidation of exhibition areas

is possible only when fair ends and must be finished within 3 days. If this term is not kept company is allowed to clear exhibition areas and store goods at costs and rispcs of exhibitor.

article 9 Exhibitors catalogue

Company edits fair catalogue. Each exhibitor must enter his company into alphabetical list of exhibitors for stated fee 200,- Kč. Exact conditions are listed in ordering form.

article 10 Fair duration

Fair is held from Thursday till Sunday. It is open for public from Thursday till Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00, on Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00 o´clock.

article 11

Exhibitor must label his offered goods with prices. The exhibitors must keep orders of company during whole fair.
Company members, organizers and safety workers must be allowed entrance anytime into any exhibition area.
Exhibitors must keep all safety, sanitary and fire rules including local notices.
Cleaning of exhibition areas must be carried in way which does not bother visitors and other exhibitors. Expected trash (its character and amount) must be announced to company during entering fair.

article 12 Advertisement

can be realized only based on regular order. Additional advertisement must be approved by company. advertisement announcement can be made only by local radio. Politic advertisement is without exceptions forbidden.

article 13 Entry into fair ground

is allowed to exhibitors in days of fair only after 6:00 pm and till 8:00 am, based on pass for vehicle entry. All cars except for those with special permission for parking on fair ground must leave area till 8:00 am.

article 14 Parking

is on the fair ground forbidden, except for cars, which have special parking admission Cars parked in contrast to this restriction will be removed at owner´s costs. Cars ensuring supply will use for that special entrances. For exhibitors is prepared special parking, where is entrance possible only with Pass for car entrance, edited by company.

article 15

Every exhibitor must follow fair order. If exhibitor breapcs it company is allowed to claim prompt clearing of hired area by exhibitor. In this case no right for costs compensation arises.

article 16  Exceptions from this fair order can give only fair company.
  On behalf of fair company:    Ing. Josef Troup, Křemže mayor


Ordering form

Křemže fair - ordering form part 1

Křemže fair - ordering form part 2

part 1
download for print
obr.JPG (zip) 502 kB
part 2
download for print
obr.JPG (zip) 442 kB


Křemže fair history

Idea to organize the fair was born after revolution in 1991 after partnership with Austrian Křemže (Krems an der Donau) were established. This town is well known fair town with many years tradition. It was decided to organize the fair with an international participation and with program for wide public "Everything for home, garden and hobby". Town intention was to give possibility to new Czech entrepreneurs to present themselves and to compare with foreign producers and to enable to visitors buy the exhibited goods. Main intention was to prove, that even small town as Křemže can handle such event and become famous even out of its region, what was indisputably managed. Over "our" fair is year from year greater interest as show further tables. This fair continues in tradition of fairs and markets which were in Křemže organized several times in year. This tradition was broken by war and totalitarian regime. After bad experience with Austrian Křemže inhabitants, when only promises remained, bought our community the beer tent which hires also to other applicants during the non-fair season. All organization and preparatory worpcs are carried out by locals - amateurs during their work. And you can judge yourselves how do we get ahead.

Annual Term Number of exhibitors Number of visitors
1. 23. - 26. 7. 1992 130 13 000
2. 22. - 25. 7. 1993 200 17 000
3. 21. - 24. 7. 1994 240 22 000
4. 20. - 23. 7. 1995 250 21 000
5. 18. - 21. 7. 1996 251 28 000
6. 24. - 27. 7. 1997 297 29 000
7. 23. - 26. 7. 1998 316 31 000
8. 22. - 25. 7. 1999 308 > 30 000
9. 20. - 23. 7. 2000 330 31 000
10. 19. - 22. 7. 2001 296 25 700
11. 18. - 21. 7. 2002 313 28 500
12. 24. - 27. 7. 2003 305 27 000
13. 22. - 25. 7. 2004 290 22 000
14. 21. - 24. 7. 2005 260 22 000
15. 20. - 23. 7. 2006    


Price list for exhibitors

Exhibition area:

Covered space in pavilion à 400,- Kč/m2
Free space à 250,- Kč/m2
Free space-refreshment by tent   à 500,- Kč/m2
Sale stall 6 m2 - standard rental 1000,- Kč
Price of rental 1m2 of clean area stays for the whole term of fair including preparation and liquidation.
(Minimal exhibition area is 2 m2 )


A. Placing of advertisement placard in fair ground

Both sides stand A   400,- Kč
Panel up to 2 m2   300,- Kč
Transparent – per m2   150,- Kč

B. Distribution of advertisement flyers and newspapers

50,- Kč / 100 pcs

C. Other advertisement in catalogue of exhibitors according to added pattern:

1 page A5   300,- Kč

If exhibitor places in fair ground any form of advertisement or winker except for those mentioned in this order, it will be on his own cost removed. Exhibitor does not pay for advertisement places on rented exhibition area. Winker is perceived as an advertisement. Exhibitor place his advertisement stands and panels at fair ground himself after bargain with fair management is dealt. Adverisment in local radio can be ordered during progress of fair straight in administration center.

Plug of:

current 220 V, 380 V   1 000,- Kč   + 100,- Kč/kW
water   1 000,- Kč    


   (hydraulic cart, crane, other machine - in  term )
   *Price will be negotiated with supplier. 


1. Upholstered chair 60,- Kč     7. School bench 40,- Kč
2. Standard chair 30,- Kč     8. Lower closet 250,- Kč
3. Plastic chair 70,- Kč     9. Upper closet 250,- Kč
4. Table(80x80) 50,- Kč   10. Fridge (175 l)   800,- Kč
5. Table (90x120)   80,- Kč   11. Fridge (275 l) 1000,- Kč
6. Plastic table 100,- Kč   12. Natural store 500,- Kč


Plan of Křemže

Křemže fair - plan of Křemže


Fair ground plan

Křemže fair - fair ground plan


Křemže fair gallery

Main gate with exhibition
Main gate with exhibition

Sale stall
Sale stalls

Outer exposition, in background Basic school - inner exposition (right wing)
Outer exposition,
in background Basic school - inner exposition (right wing)

Outer exposition
Outer exposition

Outer exposition, in background Nursery school - inner exposition
outer exposition,
in background Nursery school - inner expositiohn

Refreshment area, children corner (carousel, motor-racing circuit)
Refreshment area, children corner (carousel, motor-racing circuit)
a beer tent
(adult corner)

Beer tent with whole day culture program
Beer tent with whole day culture program

(This tent can be hired, ask for the further information)
contact Municipal office Křemže,  e-mail oukremze@mbox.terms.cz


Křemže fair - posters

Křemže fair 1992 - poster Křemže fair 1993 - poster Křemže fair 1994 - poster Křemže fair 1995 - poster Křemže fair 1996 - poster Křemže fair 1997 - poster Křemže fair 1998 - poster Křemže fair 1999 - poster Křemže fair 2000 - poster
Křemže fair 2001 - poster Křemže fair 2002 - poster
Křemže fair 2003 - poster Křemže fair 2004 - poster
Křemže fair 2005 - poster Křemže fair 2006 - poster

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