Frymburk photogallery

Frymburk, road to square, in back on right side hill Sv. Tomáš (1030 m.a. s. l.), 1957   Frymburk in winter during filling of Lipno dam, provisional transport to the other bank by boat, which will be replaced by ferry, 1957
Frymburk without Lipno, in back on the right side hill Sv. Tomáš (1030 m.a.s.l.)   Frymburk, Lipno filling, view on the other bank, ruins of demolished houses, in back on the right side hill Sv. Tomáš (1030 m.a.s.l.)
Frymburk during Lipno lake filling, view from the opposite bank at church and the old school, in back hill Marta with chapel   Frymburk, gas station on square
Frymburk, original house on square,house on the left is Hotel Vltava Frymburk, upper part of square, fair at square, in present time is here Hotel Maxant
Frymburk, historic photo with original river Vltava, the whole valley is today inundated by Lipno waters   Frymburk, view to valley, historic photo


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