Amateur Theater Ensemble Hrudkováček

The Amateur Theater Ensemble Hrudkováček was founded on the 22nd of January 1977 as an ensemble which performs theatre plays for children. It originated from a recitation and drama class which had previously been part of the Theatre Ensemble of the Culture Centre in Vyšší Brod. Its original founder was the Basic Organisation of the Socialist Union of Youth, part of the Sanatorium for curing tuberculosis and respiratory diseases in Hrudkov near Vyšší Brod. This is where the name "Hrudkováček" originates. Meetings of the members, studying the first play "Devilish Tricks of the Jester", and later a series of plays for the thirtieth anniversary of the February Victory and the Estrade for the International Women's day as well as other actions, put on a performance in the hospital area. At the end of the season 1977-78, in May 1978, the founder announced that it was giving up the patronage of the ensemble. The members turned to the Cultural Centre of the Local Authority institution in Vyšší Brod with a proposal to take over the patronage. But the authority told them that it was possible only if they united with the local theatre ensemble which specialised in plays for adults, and this did not comply with Hrudkováček´s plan. The theatre company made another attempt to find a patron and turned to the basic organisation of the Union for Cooperation with the Army (Svazarm) in Vyšší Brod. At first the situation seemed favourable, the basic relationships, rights, and duties were set, and the ensemble started to rehearse in the Svazarm building. But the agreement was not signed, and after another period of uncertainty the Cultural Centre in Loučovice became its patron. The ensemble expanded, helped with the organisation of regular district festivals, and also participated in them. The biggest successes of this period were several victories at these festivals and above all the company's presence at the state festival of amateur ensembles in Ostrava in 1983. The first Manager of the ensemble was Miroslava Holnová, then Josef Hošek, and later this function was combined with the function of Art Manager - Director, which was the responsibility of Vítězslav Kučera. With his departure the ensemble was in trouble again, but after a long pause it resurfaced in 1986 in Vyšší Brod. Here it became the successor to the ensemble mentioned several times before, the Theatre Ensemble of the Culture Centre, which by that time no longer existed. Despite occasional problems which slowed its progress, the ensemble rehearses and plays in the local Cinema up to the present day. The Manager was Mrs. Jaroslava Dvořáková from the beginning of 1990, and after her was Mrs. Eliška Trachtová. The Director office was occupied by Mr. Petr Brázda, and after his departure Mrs. Trachtová. An important success of this second period was the participation at the national state festival of ensembles performing for children, "Popelka" in Rakovník in 1993. But the ensemble began to have problems, the greates of which was its decreasing number of members. Despite minor successes, like the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the ensemble accompanied by the comedy performance for adults "Hrudkováček to itself", the ensemble was in crisis. It reached its peak in January 1998, when several members left the ensemble, including Mrs. Trachtová. At present the ensemble is managed by Mr. Jiří Anderle.

It performs its plays mainly in gyms and classrooms of kindergartens and primary schools, sometimes in cultural centres of small towns and villages. It also participates in the St. Nicolas festivals and celebrations of International Children's Day. On this occasion, the ensemble traditionally prepares "a Journey through the Fairy Tale Forest", where the children perform different tasks with the assistance of various fairy tale heroes. In addition, the ensemble participates in different social and cultural activities like Balls, Fashion Shows, the Shrovetide carnival, the celebration of the beginning of the railway, the celebration of the presentation of city status to Vyšší Brod, St. Bartoloměj´s fairs, and many others. From 1995 it has cooperated in the organisation of the "Theater Days in Vyšší Brod". Since its founding, 70 members have passed through the ensemble, and it has performed 25 titles with 10 repeats of each. The ensemble owns about 300 theatre costumes and an archive with a library containing over 600 titles of theatre plays.

List of performed plays :
Devilish Tricks of the JesterApril - May 1977
The Jester, Honza, and the spellbound PrincessJune and November - December 1978, June and November 1979
Ghost BublifukApril - May and October - December 1979, July 1981
Animals and BurglarsDecember 1979, December 1980
Plot against the linden leafApril - June and November 1980
Salt above GoldJanuary - April and June and November 1981
The Crying King (Bubáci)December 1981
Little GhostDecember 1981, January 1982
History of BurglarsApril - May and October 1983
The Devil´s Fairy TaleNovember - December 1986
About the Wild Man of the WoodsJune 1987
Swine-herdJuly 1987
The Witch's Fairy TaleMay - June 1988
About Honza (Bubáci)December 1988, February 1989
The Witch´ Fairy TaleFebruary and June 1989
The Crying King (Bubáci)December 1989
Treasure of Witch MračeniceDecember 1990
About Janek from the Mill and Terezka from the CastleJune 1991
Bear and NymphDecember 1991
Treasure of Witch MračeniceJune 1992
Ginger bread HouseDecember 1992
About Janek from the Mill and Terezka from the CastleMarch - April and November - December 1993
The Krokonos Fairy TaleDecember 1993
The Ghost BublifukMarch and December 1995, March and June 1996
Several out of Two Times Seven Fairy TalesDecember 1996 and December 1997
Hrudkováček to itselfApril and October 1997


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