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České Budějovice - Český Krumlov - Dolní Dvořiště

Schematic map of the cycling track České Budějovice - Český Krumlov - Dolní Dvořiště


Description of the cycling track

The cycling track České Budějovice - Český Krumlov - Dolní Dvořiště is exactly 56,7 km long and it goes through regions České Budějovice and Český Krumlov. It is designed in form, which avoids crossing of roads with heavy traffic, but it meets the most important cultural, natural and historical interests. The beginning of the cycling track brings us to a confluence of two rivers Vltava and Malše; to České Budějovice - town with a historical center, which became a municipal monument reserve. Through Boršov nad Vltavou, Kamenný Újezd and Zlatá Koruna we get into the administrative center of region, to town Český Krumlov, which is listed in the World´s heritage register of the UNESCO since year 1992 . Castle built on the rocky spit above Vltava river, forms the dominant of the town and it is the second largest castle in Czech Republic right after the Prague Castle. From Český Krumlov we ride through the Český Krumlov´s upland - through not well known scenery on the right bank of Vltava river till Dolní Dvořiště, from where we can through the border crossing continue into the territory of Austria.

Monastery Zlatá Koruna    Český Krumlov

Cycling track is connected with other tracks in the region. In Český Krumlov you can branch off the road onto the track leading to Černá v Pošumaví, or branch off in Branná and get to Frymburk. Both villages are connected to wide-ranging system of the cycling tracks in the Lipno area

Origin and construction

   Dolní Dvořiště
Cycling track České Budějovice - Český Krumlov - Dolní Dvořiště has constructed in year 2000 investor - the town České Budějovice with benefit from co-investor, partner from the European Union, Program Phare CBC. Engineer of the building is the engineering company INBEST České Budějovice, planner of the cycling track is the company ZESA Josef Sádecký České Budějovice. Longitude of the building adaptations is 8 091 m. All constructing work provided company Strabag České Budějovice, when the present roads were expanded into standard width of the traffic lane - 3 m with reinforced shoulder. Surface of the cycling track was made of bituminous concrete or it is a hardened road.

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