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The practical shooting club
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The practical shooting club Eggenberg in Český Krumlov established on 12th March 2001 has approximately fifty members who are also the members of The League for Technical-defended Sports in the Czech Republic. A half of them is engaged in practical shooting - the club priority. The bet on co-operation with the Czech Republic military forces, mainly the land forces command. With their help they organize contests in the areas owned by the army, for example, the shooting ranges in the army training centre Boletice near Český Krumlov. Those shooting ranges enable to organize contests in practical shooting of a very high quality with a large number of participants due to their huge area and safeness.

The practical shooting club EGGENBERG

Most of the club shooters are also members of The Practical Shooting Association in the Czech Republic which is the superior authority included in the international association IPSC /International Practical Shooting Association/ established in Canada. The club shooters participate in national and international shooting contests to represent our district in the whole world. National contests are divided into club and campaign competitions, Moravian and Czech Cup and Extraleague APS ČR is the highest competition. The Czech Republic Championship is the top event of the season. All contests are divided into the levels of difficulty.

Level I. - club contests
Level II. - Moravian and Czech Cup
Level III. - international contests /European League/
Level IV. - European and World Championship

Practical shooting lays special emphases on the safeness. It is assigned to all civilian, police and military forces institutions. It does not have a character of just one defmitely formed group of people. Situations are formed to provide the same conditions for juniors and seniors without any advantages of their age or physique and give the possibility to use the gun in diffrent situations which can happen in the real life. The shooting does not have the attack character. We shoot from the place or on the move at certain types of targets. Each situation evokes a feeling of self-defence and defence of someone else or property.

The practical shooting club EGGENBERG

Practical shooting is divided into the divisions :

  1. OPEN - the gun is allowed to have different modifications including optical dial sights and compensators. It is called F1 practical shooting by shooters
  2. STANDARD - the gun is allowed to have limited modificatios and must have a standard character. Any dial sights and compensators are not allowed
  3. MODIFIED - those are mostly development types, dial sights and compensators are allowed, the gun must fit into the box which has the measurement corresponding to the international rules
  4. PRODUCTION - the gun is not allowed to have any modifications and must be used as it was originally made
  5. REVOLVER - the gun is not allowed to use any dial sights and must be in a standard execution

Practical shooting is divided into the categories :

Each club member is willing to help people interested in shooting and give advice all the beginners. The shooting range in Domoradice near Český Krumlov can be used by the beginners after prepaying. It can be used free of charge by the club members after the agreement. The members make decisions about the club activities. They regularly meet on the first Monday each month and in January on the annual meeting. Once a four-year period they elect a three-member committee which consists of the club president, the head of the executive and the economic organizer. The club organizes competitions and Czech Euro Open - the biggest contests in the world.

Some of the achievements reached by the club shooters until now :
The best sportman 1996 - 1999
Berlín 1997 3rd position Germany Championship IPSC
Bratislava 1997 1st position Slovak Republic Championship
Austria 1998 3rd position Austria Championship
Greece - Crete 3rd position European Championship
Czech Euro Open 1997 2nd position
European League 1999 3rd position
European League 2000 2nd position
Switzerland 1999 1st position European League
Moravian Cup 2001 2nd position
Extra League APS ČR 2002 (Modified) large 1st position
Extra League APS ČR 2002 (Modified) senior 1st position
World Shoot South Africa (Modified) 7th position
World Shoot South Africa (Modified) MO Match 3rd position

The calender of the club events in the year 2003 :

18. - 20. 4. 2003 "Velikonoční 2003" - 1st lap Extra League APS ČR
5. - 10. 8. 2003 Czech Euro Open - 2003 International contest Level III
5. - 6. 12. 2003 "Mikulášská" - National and campaign competition

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