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 Exercising association Sokol Křemže, badminton department, Markéta Koudelková - Master of the Republic in 1998
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Zdeněk Podpěra
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The Club was founded in 1974. It participates in competitions for children, adolescents, and adults in the South Bohemia Region.

In the year 2005 the badminton club TJ Sokol Křemže celebrated 30th anniversary of the beginning of their activities.

In the competition of teams, the following members of the Club became the champions of the Czech Republic in 1992: J. Holeček, J. Bednář, P. Holeček, L. Dominová, D. Neubergová, V. Čeloudová.

In years 1995 and 1996 the adult team took part twice in the qualifying stage for the 2nd league as the champion of South Bohemia. In the season 2004 / 2005 it won the Southbohemian Regional championship and it gained the right to participate in the competition to get in 2nd league.

Major successes are achieved in the competitions by individuals. In competitions for adolescents, the following members obtained the title "Champion of the Republic": M. Koudelková, J. Holeček, Jan Bednář, P. Holeček.

Club´s pupils playing in present time in the league teams:
Mgr. Markéta Koudelková  

is player of team OTEC Meteor Praha.

Jan Bednářplays for Spoje Prague
Ing. Martin Koudelkaappears as a guest in Gmünd (Austria)

Mgr. Markéta Koudelková is the most well-known team player. So far she has gained thirty champion titles of Czech Republic and has been an academic master of Czech Republic ten times. On 12 October 2001 she was eliminated from all the sports activities for several months, because she had injured her knee right on the court while playing at the International Championship of Slovak Republic. At the beginning of March 2002 she got back onto courts after a successful operation. She became the best player of Czech Republic again. She took a share in the success of the national team at Helvetia Cup in January 2003. In February 2004 she won in the Czech Republic championship her ninth Republic Champion title in single and a very surprising the Republic Champion title in double, which she played with young Ludíková from Brno. She has obtained 22 the Republic Champion titles in the adult cathegory (9 times single, 5 times double, 3 times mixed team and 5 times with Meteor Praha Club). She confirmed an excellent doubler reputation in September in 2004 on the International Czech Republic Championship, where she came out second together with Procházková. Since November 2004 she has been collecting experience of both the coach and the player during a long placement abroad in Denmark. She concentrates on 1st Austrian league competion and on the international competitions, she mingles among the first hundred of the best world woman players, although the Dannish placement abroad limits her participation in the tournaments.
Moreover she managed to achieve the title the Badmintonist of the Czech Republic in 2004. This honorable title was awarded for the first time that year so she was the first one to be awarded. She left out the season 2005/2006 because of maternity leave. Since 10th September 2005 we have read about her as about Markéta K. Mouritsen. She married Danish badminton coach Peter Mouritsen.

In the season 2004/2005 only pupils won the medals on the Southbohemian Regional Individuals Championship.
Ondřej Hlavačka - silver medal in the cathegory of doubles U 13
Magda Bínová - bronze medal in double U 13
Hlavačka / Bínová - bronze medal in mixed couples U 13
Hlavačka / Petr Svoboda - bronze medal in double U 13 and in double U 15

On the Regional 1st Class Mixed Adult Team Championship for the season 2004/2005 the A team came out the first. It gained the Regional Champion title and the right to participate in the competition to fight in 2nd league. The team played in the line-up P. Pirtyák, V. Sklář, P. Holeček, J. Holeček junior J. Lang, M. Šebesta, J. Křížová, J. Vančurová.
The B adult team came out first in the Regional 2nd Class Championship in the line-up J. Holeček senior, Ma. Koudelka, J. Bednář senior, V. Koudelka, J. Cába, M. Maznová.
On the Regional Championship the pupils team came out forth.

All the club members play and train in the gymnasium of the Basic School of Křemže on the only one court corresponding to rule.

The team consists of these active players: 26 pupils, 5 juniors and 28 players of the adult category - out of these 8 veterans.

Several traditional activities in Křemže :

"The mixed decathlon" is a traditional competition of mixed couples which takes place regularly the first weekend in June on the sports fields in Křemže. The registered couples compete in shooting, tennis, netball played with ball kicked across, volleyball, cross-country running, badminton, table tennis, jumps, throws and football.
In 20th year which took place on 4th and 5th June 2005 the couple Peter Mouritsen (Svendborg, Denmark) and Markéta Koudelková (Křemže) defeated Libor Schrenk (Prachatice) and Pavla Kortusová (Praha).
The 21th year of the mixed decathlon will take place on 3th and 4th June 2006. Doctor Koudelka can give further information - see above. The registration deadline is 15th May 2005, starting fee 400 Kč for a couple and it is due to the same date. If there are not enough registrations (16 coupless), it is possible to register till the beginning of the competition.

"The badminton fair cup" - 14th year of the competition took place on 23rd July 2005 - seven couples participated. The cups donated by the village mayor were won by the couple Peter Mouritsen (Svendborg, Denmark) and Zdeněk Podpěra (Křemže). J. Bednář junior (Spoje Praha - home pupil) and V. Koudelka (Křemže) came out second. The third place was occupied by the home couple Mgr. Mi. Koudelka and P. Pirtyák.

15th year of the tournament where the prize is the cup donated by the village mayor takes places during the next year of Křemže fair on Saturday on 22nd July 2006. Before the competition starts couples which can be mixed will be drawn from the registered individuals, the four of the best registered players will be divided so that they could not play in the couple. The competition will be organized according to the number of the registrated people: everybody should play sufficiently while having time to enjoy the fair which will be in motion. Applications can be sent in advance to address of dr. Koudelka, or handled over at the tournament - Křemže school gymnasium at fair ground till 8.45 AM in day of tournament.

"Fair handicap matches". During the Křemže fair (on 20th, 21st and 23rd July 2006) are in school gymnasium daily from 10:00 AM to 16:30 PM players of the local club prepared to play match with any fair visitor. Challenger can negotiate match with player of any productivity (including the republic champion Mgr. M. Koudelková), margin in individual games can be arranged = "handicap". There are only two conditions - appetite for game and own sport shoes. Rackets, balls, court and referee are delivered by organizer. Training lessons can be negotiated as well to improve and enlarge your skills.

"The tournament for those who are not members"  is held annualy in autumn. It is offered to people showing interest but are not licence holders. However, they want to try how to play badminton matches according to the rules. They may participate. The scheme will be determined according to the number of applicants in order to make good conditions for all players. All participants need to have sports shoes, clothes and paid competition fees. Having your own racket is advantageous but not necessary.

The winner of XXII. year of the Unregistrated Players Tournament became again J. Reitinger (Křemže),the second was A. Reitinger (Č. Budějovice) Home player P. Kerschlager came out the third. J. Přibíková from Křemže became the winner of the women category. The second and third place was reached by woman-players from Č. Budějovice - Michková and Voláková.

Next year (this time it will be 23rd) of the Unregistrated People Tournament will take place on 17th November 2006. It will be played in the elementary school gymnasium. The tournament director is Mr. Podpěra. Dr. Koudelka will accept the registrations on the tournament site till 8.45 or beforehand - see above. The propositions and the invitations will be published in a daily press and on the internet Southbohemian badminton pages. Z. Podpěra or V. Koudelka can give any further information.

In 2005 new tradition started. Tournaments of family couples have been organized. The couple consists of the pupil-badmintonist and any of his adult family member who does not play badminton. Family teams compete in five matches - double and four singles in the game of two pupils, two adults and a pupil against an adult. The first year two tournaments were organized. The first winners in the tournament played in March were home players Petr and Petr Svoboda. In the second tournament in June the home players Hlavačka - father and son reached the first place, the second came out Bínovy - daughter and mother from Křemže. The tournaments will continue to be organized in 2006.

"Christmas tournament of mixes" - is a badminton and table tennis tournament of mixed couples. It is designed for advanced players, though even beginners an participate. In 29th year on 26th December there were the winners the mixed couple P. Mouritsen (Svendborg, Denmark) and Markéta K. Mouritsen. The second came out J. Bednář (Spoje Praha, local club pupil) and H. Milisová (Linz, Č. Krumlov club pupil). E. Hanušová (ČZ Strakonice) and V. Sklář (Křemže) got to the third place. The fourth place was reached by J. Křížová (Prachatice) and home player P. Pirtyák. The fifth came out V. Koudelka and V. Soukupová and the sixth position was reached by Ma. Koudelka and M. Bínová - all from Křemže. XXX. jubilee year will take place on 26th December 2006. The tournament director Mr Podpěra will accept the registrations till 8:50 on the site of the tournament. The starting fee is as usual victual according to the competitors´ consideration. They should bring badminton bats, balls preferably feathered, indoor shoes and own clothes. The athmosfere will be fine if everybody´s in a good mood. At the same time we will be playing complementary tournament in table tennis. Doctor Koudelka can give further information and releases registrations.

"Kleť Mountain Descent" is a traditional event in the end of the year. It is a social event, the people get together, have a talk, we evaluate the past year and discuss future plans. This year it will take place on Friday 29th December 2006. At that time we will start to meet in the same place as it was in 2005 - in Penzion Mlejnek by Chlum village. Those who do not know where it is can ask any contact people. Maybe there will be a surprise this year. We invite all present or former players, supporters and sponsors. Come and spend a good time in the end of the year 2006. Any possible changes of the place or time will be announced in time in the press - Jihočeské listy (Southbohemian newspaper) or on the internet (badminton pages).

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