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Over border friendship

When on 28.10.1991 arrived to canton Bern in Swiss the first deputy of the Southern Bohemia towns and villages, its aim was to build mutual and permanent relations between towns of canton Bern and the ones of region South Bohemia. Purpose of this way was supposed to be support of civic autonomy, education and exchange of experiences with civic problems and creating personal relations between responsible persons of towns on both sides. In past were proposed couples of towns in our region and canton, which were approximately of same sizes and had some common signs and conditions and also will to come into friendship with town from foreign country. From our district was between others selected also Nová Ves. Town Mayor Jaroslav Bauer and Mayor´s deputy Jan Borovka and delegation of South and West Bohemian towns deputies left on 28. 10. 1998 to Bern, where their future partner was introduced to him. It was town Wileroltigen, which is located about 25 km from Bern. Deputies of our town spent in Wileroltigen couple days and found out that this town has much similar civic life and administration as well as problems and organization. They met people hardworking and fine, very hospitable and curious. Due to former policy of our government they had wrong opinions about us, they could not imagine, how lives here common village with four hundred inhabitants. Among our deputies and deputies of their village were established friendly and warm relations and it was stated, that representatives from Swiss come to Nová Ves.

Coat-of-arms of the Czech Republic Coat-of-arms of the town of Nová Ves Coat-of-arms of the town Wileroltigen Coat-of-arms of the Swiss

Wileroltigen, areal photo Nová Ves - Deputies of the partner town Wileroltigen

Visit was held on July 14th 1999. Deputies from Wileroltigen were picked up at border crossing Dolní Dvořiště and were guided through Lipno dam vicinity by deputies from Nová Ves. They visited the private farm in Mýto and inspected cattle of agricultural farm Brloh. During the first meeting in our region, where both deputies of Nová Ves and representatives of the agricultural farm Brloh our guests expressed real surprise by beauty of our region, cattle breeding and also by fields, municipal development and building relics. They seemed to be interested in everything, because the group mainly consisted of businessmen active in agriculture and dealing with processing of agricultural products.

Nová Ves - Among the first impressions was surprise from beauty of our region Nová Ves - Friendly meeting at Hruštice
Nová Ves - Weather was satisfactory
Nová Ves - Joint visit of the private farm in Mýto Cattle on the pastures of Agricultural farm Brloh

Nová Ves - At talk participated also the chief of district office in Č.Krumlov JUDr. František Mikeš
At this talk participated also the chief of the district office in Č.Krumlov JUDr. František Mikeš, who gave out overall information about our district.

In next three days our guests visited together with municipal representatives companies Fronius, Lira, dairy and cheese production in Č.Krumlov and Budvar in Č.Budějovice. An enomorous experience became for them in night lighted Hluboká, Holašovice, sightseeing of Č.Krumlov and Budějovice.

During the disjoin meeting we understood each other and we saw, that our guests got the realistic focus on our life. They learned also about children work in the Kindergarten in Nová Ves and about system of taking care of kids. In afternoon classes of Brloh´s school our guests dropped into classrooms during teaching, into cafeteria during lunch preparation and to housing part of school. After that they had to established that our teaching and moral is different, but also is different backup after school lessons and during boarding.

Nová Ves - During joint visit of town Český Krumlov Joint photo from Nová Ves

During days spent together we have learnt that they are normal, diligent and hospitable people, who have at their homes the same problems as we do. But they are better managers and entrepreneurs, because they have not be slowed down by past four decades. Some people should talk to theses representatives from Swiss in order to find out that even in such a rich country people have to work hard and wake up early.

Nová Ves - Both villages are marked also with name of their friendly town Nová Ves - Mayors during exchange of paintings with symbols of their villages and states

It has turned out that both villages are serious in their acting and that they will co-operate and fraternize. We used to be witnesses of various "friendships", when deputies seen one another first and last time at once. These friendship were nothing but empty postures. Mayor of Wileroltigen Mr. Gerhard Hofer and mayor of Nová Ves Mr. Jaroslav Bauer keep in written touch and inform each other. Nová Ves and Wileroltigen exchanged paintings of their territories and state symbols of both nations, they marked their villages with name of their friendly partner on boards round the streets. Let us believe, that this friendship will grow to benefit of all inhabitants of both villages.

Friendship of villages Nová Ves - Wileroltigen

Karel Vochozka, annalist of village Nová Ves

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