Building up apartment houses in the village of Dolní Třebonín

At the beginning of the year 2001 the Board of Representatives in the village decided to launch the flats erection in order to increase the current number of village residents as it was possible. It should have guaranteed to keep the school, kindergarten, post office transport services, and higher the income tax into the municipality office.

Detached house

Dolní Třebonín is a small village counting approximately 650 residents. Considering that fact, there was no possibility to finance the project from the village budget. Multi-source financial system was the only solution. The village signed the agreement about the future buying and renting agreement with the potential builders because many people had been interested in the project regarding flats erection. The first erection stage included 20 apartment houses, altogether 80 flats, and the deposit was CZK 225,000,- / per flat. The state appropriation up to CZK 400,000,- was included in the budget, and mortgage of CZK 460,000,- covered the rest of expenses. The approximate rent for one flat is CZK 3,000,- a month, and it represents a credit instalment.

Semi-detached house Honza – view from the side, garden and street

Semi-detached house Honza – ground plan of the ground-floor and attic

First of all the village bought up the lands, almost 7.5 hectares in area. Many problems appeared during that transaction because there were twenty different land keepers. Then the flats erection could start. Houses built up to the girlanda had to be pawned to gain the mortgage at the total amount of 36,500,000 CZK. It was not also easy to choose such a project fitting economical possibilities of the village and ensuring comfort and stringent living at the same time. They laid emphasis on aesthetical values of single houses as well as the whole development.

Four-housing unit house Honza – view from the street, garden and side

Preparations for the second stage were in progress during the first stage. It included the erection of other 13 apartment houses, altogether 52 flats, and 12 detached houses. Financial system was the same as during the first stage. The appropriation from the State Fund for Housing Development has already been granted. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development is still arranging for the appropriation for family houses.

Dolní Třebonín - Situation

The flats erected during the first stage were given to their renters in October 2002. Only some landscaping and fence were needed. It was paid by the renters. There is a land approximately 8 are in area at every single apartment house.

Dolní Třebonín - aerial view

The village of Dolní Třebonín is planning to start the third stage of the flats erection consisting 14 apartment houses and probably 10 flats in terraced houses. All prospective buyers and renters are allowed to adapt flat interiors according to their own designs, choose tiles, floor surface, etc. It lasts about ten months to complete one stage. Most of prospective buyers and renters are people living in housing estates in the towns of České Budějovice and Český Krumlov. The fact confirms the right choice of the village management. They had bet on a very favourable location between the towns of České Budějovice and Český Krumlov.

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