Important buildings in Chvalšiny

As it has already been mentioned, Chvalšiny had been hit by a large fires during the centuries. The houses which had been burnt out were all restored later on, but their treatment and their external appearance wiped out the ancient appearance of the community. Despite fires there have been kept several houses at which very old construction features have survived at least in part. It is sufficient to notice house portals, window door surrounds and internal layouts.

It is typical for almost all houses that behind the residential building itself and farm buildings there are large areas of gardens and other pieces of land.

As far as the houses whose history is connected with a certain personality or with former authorities are concerned, the most important one is the house number 118 which is the native house of the bestknown Chvalšiny patriot Josef Rosenauer. Mr. Rosenauer became famous in the second half of the 18th century as a designer and architect of the Schwarzenberg navigation canals in the South and West Šumava (Black Forest).

Chvalšiny, native house of Josef Rosenaur, total overview, June 2001, photo: Lubor Mrázek

There are two memorial tablets on the house facade which remind you of this personality. The first tablet was put there in 1928 and contains a German text. The other tablet was put onto the house in 1991 on the occasion of the restoration of the installation of the first tablet, which was removed from the house after 1948. The second tablet contains a Czech text.

Chvalšiny, memorable desk at native house of Josef Rosenaur, June 2001, photo: Lubor Mrázek

The text on the German tablet reads :
To the Great Son of Chvalšiny
Josef Rosenauer
1735 - 1804
Kaiserlich ernannter
the imperial appointed land surveyor
and navigation director
the designer of the first Schwarzenberg canals,
devoted by the German
Böhmerwald Association, he made his native land
famous by aligning water courses

In this house was born
Josef Rosenauer
the designer of the navigation canal 19 (Chvalšiny town emblem) 91

The building numbered 124 had served originally as the town hall, after 1850 it was the seat of the District Court. In present time is in this object located Museum of Schwarzenberks channel.

Museum of Schwarzenberks channel in Chvalšiny, total overview, June 2001, photo: Lubor Mrázek

Also the building of the parish administration is situated in the vicinity of the church. The house bears the number 129 and had originally been constructed in the Renaissance style. In 1705 it was reconstructed approximately into the current appearance. In the meantime, however, it was strongly damaged by a fire.

The upper part of the square contains the number 5 house which has been nicely reconstructed and features an interesting old-fashioned facade.

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