Třísov - common with armor of fire brigade in front, photo: Jan Kříž
Settlement is a part of village Holubov

Village Holubov, 382 03

Altitude: 523 m

Number of inhabitants: 216

Distance: Holubov 1900 m, Krasetín 2300 m


History of parish :

Settlement Třísov is first noticed in 1379 as a villa (= village) Trzyessow. In 1383 as Trzisow and since 1541 as Třísov. Its name comes from the name of court owner, then court of Třes. Village belonged to manor of the Vítkovci and the Rožmberks. After the castle Dívčí Kámen was founded, Třísov came after its administration. During the Rožmberks' period was the village seat of village J.P.

Schematic plan of Třísov, Celtic settlement at Dívčí kámen, illustration On area of 26 ha are located beside the village ruins of Celtic oppidum. Here was carried out the research shortly before WWII. In the 50's and 60's the research became intensive under management of dr. Jiří Břeň from National museum in Prague. Here was found Celtic city from year 2000 B.C. At the rocky spit was carried out the research of the bronze age by dr. Josef Poláček from Southbohemian museum in České Budějovice.

At confluence of Křemežský brook with Vltava are located picturesque ruins of castle Dívčí Kámen - Maiden's Rock. Its foundation document is from year 1349, large reinforcement was carried out by Czechoslovakian science academy in the 60's under management of dr. Hejna.

Through the parish comes road from Prachatice via Brloh, Křemež, Holubov (here are conected roads from České Budějovice), Zlatá Koruna a Český Krumlov and since 1891 also the railroad from České Budějovice to Volary. From Třísov railway stop around the memorable lime (height 31 m, perimeter 7 m, age over 200 years) can visitors start off the educational track to learn more about Celtic settlement.

Třísov - train stop, photo: Jan Kříž Třísov - memorable lime near to Celtic oppidum, photo: Jan Kříž
Třísov - Celtic oppidum, entrance gate, photo: Jan Kříž

In parish is an active Volunteer fire brigade, founded in 1935 which associates in present time about 90 members. It used to be part of Holubov brigade founded on 12th April 1908. Periodically are the firemen taking part at competitions around the whole republic.

Local habits:

Till the present time remain in inhabitants some of ancient habits and number of events is celebrated during the year, for example Shrovetide, traditional Easter, building of May slopes, meetings "under chestnuts" in Třísov common and other amusements.

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