Settlement Rojšín - the southest outpost of the rustic baroque, homestead U Bláhů No.21
Settlement is a part of village Brloh

Obec Brloh, 382 06

Altitude: 550 m

Number of inhabitants: 84

Area of register: 370 ha



Settlement Rojšín is ancient one, it is known that it belonged to Křemže, where the Dubenští from Chlum had been ruling, second part (nine stretches) belonged to the Rožmberks at Krumlov. In 1890 stood in Rojšín twenty-seven houses and 192 inhabitants lived here.

To the village Rojšín belonged in the nineteenth Century also settlements Chmelná and Stupná, the last mentioned till the 40's of the 20th Century. Today Rojšín belongs to municipality Brloh. In Rojšín can be found almost preserved original common with rustic homesteads, which gables prove that Rojšín has once been the southern outpost of Rustic baroque. Preserved original wooden barns can be found here as well. Chapel of Holy Cross, located at common has been constructed in the middle of the nineteenth Century.

Monuments: Rojšín - Chapel of Holy Cross, foto: Jan Kříž

Chapel of Holy Cross
Recess chapel
Storage building at No.21

Famous personalities:

Filip Matěj Josef Klimeš 5.9.1809 - 27.3.1886.

Priest, librarian and archivist of monastery in Teplá. Extremely developed personality in his age. His most important deeds were printing of important ancient German relic, the most famous manuscript from Teplá the "Codax Teplensis". For this act he obtained the Great golden medal from Emperor František Josef I. He also collected documents for Hroznata's canonization (Hroznata became a patron of politic prisoners' diocese in Pilsen.

Local habits:

Inhabitants celebrate every first Sunday in June so called Prokop's pilgrimage.

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