Pohoří na Šumavě

Altitude 918 m.
Settlement is today part of Pohorská Ves.

Pohoří na Šumavě (Buchers) - once the busy border town located close to the state borders, today can be found here only depopulated ruins of houses. In present days it only revives during the September fair, when are temporarily opened borders.

Word Pohorzie has appeared since 1524 but then it stood for name of brook. The first to settle in this wild and inaccessible countryside was the Count Filip Emanuel Buquoy, as he built a glass smelter in nearby town Šance. Actual Pohoří has originated round the road to Freistadt around 1758, when the first houses were built on the Dominican land. New settlement developed relatively dynamically and that is why it obtained 68 houses with 116 settled families 40years later. After abolishing the bondage became Pohoří local town with a cadastral area 2.636 hectares. To the town belonged 11 incorporated parts. According to inhabitants adding from 1890 stood in Pohoří 186 houses, 246 Czechs and 1 077 Germans. Inhabitants chiefly pursued to the farming, home hand works and even glass gilders could be found here. Lucrative activity was also painting the holy pictures onto the flat glass. These paintings were exported to Hungary, the Tyrol, Croatia, Spain and Scandinavian lands. This sort of painting expanded from here to Nové Hrady and Sandl (where can be seen at museum). In 1923 were in Pohoří 41 businesses ( baker, confectioner, watchmaker, eight inns, two tailors, miller, butcher, etc.) and in this year received town known as Buchers, Puchéř, Půchoří - new official name Pohoří na Šumavě, which incorrectly grasps its location.

Sad period has started in 1946, when German natives were evacuated from town. Followed Destroying houses and carrying various staff out of town . After 1955 stood in town only 23 houses occupied by 72 people. Depopulating continued and after borders enlargement town Pohoří as site of human beings perished for good.

Today welcomes us in Pohoří partly crashed church (church of Panny Marie Dobré rady), where tower of church crashed on May 30 1999. Ruins of former houses can still be found here as well as monument of the deceased with an inscription: "Den treuen Helder die dankbare Heimat" ("to the faithful heroes from grateful fatherland") and "Nie wieder Krieg !" (" Never more the war! "), cementary and low building of border police.

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