Elevation 813 meters above the sea level.
Settlement is today part of Pohorská Ves.

Lužnice (Luschnitz) - one of the oldest villages in the area. Already in 1397 Beneš z Konrače recalls himself by assembly at Lužnice. In 1541 entered Lužnice renewed land desks, in 1677 glass works were founded here. In this manufacture were produced normal as well as more luxury goods exported to Austrian countries. Cut glass production found its markets in Italy. Glass works ended their work in 1715. There were 44 houses with 240 inhabitants straight in Lužnice. This number includes lonely houses as were Altuberl, Altwastel, Berghaus and Uberhausel. Handcrafts worth mentioning were handling with hogs and wood, inn, tailor, groats production, storekeeper, miller, sawmill, beer taproom, cartage and tobacconist´s. Wooden chapel used to stay here till 1891 when it was rebuilt in new Gothic style into a mason building with tower. In nowadays is this chapel used as a recreation cottage.

Lužnice is today composed mostly from recreation cottages and lodges but original buildings can still be found here. High elevation enables great view at Kaplice district.

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Pohoří na Šumavě
Pohorská Ves


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