Krasetín - common, photo: Jan Kříž
Settlement is a part of village Holubov

Obec Holubov, 382 03

Altitude: 560 m

Number of inhabitants: 137

Distance: Holubov 900 m, Třísov 2300 m


History of municipality :

In sources is first time noticed in 1372 as Kraslethin, in 1541 and 1600 as Krasletin, in 1720 and 1789 Krasetín and since 1854 as Krásetín. This name is being used till today in general speech, eventhough the right name of it should be Krasetín. Parish sooner belonged to Krumlov manor and the original name is probably transcript of Krasata's court.

Through Krasetín goes road from Holubov to hunter's log Vyhlídka, where is located the lower station of cableway to Kleť. Here goes the hiking and cycling track.

Krasetín - Monument of victims of WWII, photo: Jan Kříž Krasetín - common with armory of fire brigade, in background with Kleť, photo: Jan Kříž

On common stays since 1948 monument to victims of WWII, when the local inhabitants were executed after assassination of R. Heydrich.

In parish operates the Volunteer fire brigade, in which is associated about 60 people. Periodically they attend competitions around the whole republic.

Local habits:

Till present time remain in inhabitants some old habits and during year is celebrated number of events, for example Shrovetide, traditional Easter, building of May slopes and other amusements.

Further information :

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