Jaronín Settlement is a part of village Brloh

Obec Brloh, 382 06

Altitude: 600-640 m

Number of inhabitants: 91

Area of register: 1776 ha


Beginning of settlement Jaronín can be found back in the late 17th Century, when prince Jan of Eggenberk had allowed the German settlers to populate hillsides of Bulový hill, where had been till those days located only several separate houses called Waldhauser. And so had been developed few settlements (Sedmichalupy, Jaronín, Kovářov, Rychtářov, Strouha, Rohy) and great number of separate houses, which together created village Jánské Údolí (Johanestal).

Jaronín as a separate village has been developed in year 1923. In 1924 the Czech minority school had been constructed here. After 1948 became Jaronín part of municipality Nová Ves and today it is component of Brloh.

Relic monuments:

Chapel of Mary's nativity (outside the village)

Local habits:

Mary's pilgrimage every first Sunday after September 8th

Further information :

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