Altitude: 660 m above sea level
Český Heršlák settlement is part of Horního Dvořiště nowadays.

Village history :
The first mention about Český Heršlák is from 1316.

Stronghold Heršlák:
There was medieval stronghold on the place of today's settlement Český Heršlák. The first mention about it is already from 1289 when brothers Čeněk of Doudleby and Dominik of Pasovary gave over the property churchscot to monastery in Vyšší Brod. In the end of 14th centrury there dwelled burglarious knigh Beneš Macuta. The stronghold owners changed many times during the time. Oldřich Roubík of Hlavatce sold the stronghold to wealthy burgess family of Cinišpánové from Upper Austria. In 1468 Zdeněk of Šternberk gained the stronghold and soon after he sold it to Lev of Rožmitál. Heršlák was gained by Jiří of Švamberk for short time and Jindřich of Rosenberg afterwards. In the second half of 15th century was the stronghold damaged during proprietary strives. In 1626 it was damaged and burnt out during peasant disorders in Upper Austria. The stronghold was repaired by Jan Hynek Vamberský and economic development came with Matyáš of Muckenberk after 1646. During the reign of Austrian family Kaiserstein, Heršlák was mentioned as knight residence with chapel, brewery, malt house, tavern, mill, lumber mill and ponds. In 1714 the stronghold was gained again by Muckenberks and managed it until the end of 18th century. The stronghold was raffish and during the 19th it became extinct.

In 1871 was inaugurated new railway station Český Heršlák on the line České Budějovice - Linec. This line allowed the connection of Bohemia with Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Ten expresses, ten passanger trains and eighteen goods trains there passed through daily. Line importance increased during I. World War when army transports with military stuffs and food supplies for southern attack front in Italy ran through.


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