Dolní Vltavice

Altitude: 723 m above sea level
The settlement is part of Černá v Pošumaví nowadays.

Town History :
The first mention about Dolní Vltavice is from 1268. Original settlement was founded by Royal Zvíkov burgrave Hrz who presented it in 1268 to Monastery in Zlatá Koruna. From 1420 pertained as other monastery villages to Krumlov estate. The first mention about church of St. Linhart is from 1355. Church was rebuilt for several times. During construction of Lake Lipno the church with part of village was flooded. There was pillory on the square from the half of 16th century. In 1850 in Dolní Vltavice lived 299 people and in 1970 only 31 inhabitants.

Dolní Vltavice is recreation site on the shore of Lake Lipno.

Local Historical structures :

Church of St. Linhart - from the half of 14th century, flooded by Lipno

Further information :
Windsurfing at Lipno


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