České Chalupy

Nová Ves - Settlement České Chalupy, photo Ing. Ladislav POUZAR
Settlement is a part of village Nová Ves

Village Nová Ves 68, p. Křemže, 382 03

Town History :

They lie besides the upper stream of Novoveský brook.

From their origin belonged both to the Rožmberks as part of Krumlov´s manor.

History of České Chalupy can not be separated from the one of Nová Ves, because this part of village was founded as Horní Nová Ves (Upper Nová Ves) what was its name as well. Originally had been constructed here several seclusion houses, to which belonged fields and other property. They do not have an order of closed settlement.

Surrounding woods and pastures belonged to the lords of Krumlov. Chiefly during Winter have lived people here in special sort of loneliness. Flax was spin, people produced wooden goods of all kinds.

In the 19th Century have had got České Chalupy 21 houses. In the first half of the 19th Century used people in České Chalupy to wear traditional costumes. Since 1890, when the separated village Nová Ves has been founded it was connected together with České Chalupy. Very dramatic period came to České Chalupy in year 1939 during marking of the borders for German Reich. After long lasting negotiations the borders cut České Chalupy into two parts, one of them with Nová Ves belonged to Bohemia and second one with Jaronín to Germany. After war became České Chalupy solid part of Nová Ves.

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