Altitude: 513 m above sea level
Settlement is part of village Mojné nowadays.

Town History :
The first written mention about Černice is from 1315 when Bavor of Strakonice gave it to monastery of Zlatá Koruna in exchange for his burying in the monastery. In 1787, after disestablishment of monastery of Zlatá Koruna, village was annexed to Český Krumlov estate. Early Gothic church of St. Mary Magdalena was gothically rebuilt in 1483-1491 and the church tower was modified in 1818. In church farms at Černice were grown barley, oat, rye, wheat, peas and especially sheeps, cattle and pork were bred for church staff consumption. The liabilities of retainers were documented in codex from 1773 when retainers had to pay tithes of wheat, rye, barley, deal of cabbage and threshed oat. In 1850 Černice had 547 inhabitants including settlements Mojné and Záhorkovice and in 1996 only 202 citizens.

The first written mention about settlement Mojné is from 1315 and had the same fate as Černice.

Local Historical structures :

Church of St. Mary Magdalena - Early Gothic, gotically rebuilt in 15th century.


Farmhouse No. 3 in Záhorkovice.

  Černice, church originally built in 13th century

The traditional customs are kept in Mojné till today - Mojné's carnival, wake and Havel's feast.

Archeological discoveries :
Accidentally discovered stone threshing from Stone Age.


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