Cykloroutes in region Lipensko

Cykloroutes in region Lipensko, map

Legend / route names:
Circular routes:
Through the mountain range of Svatý Tomáš
The lake route
Through the Vltava river valley The Austrian route
The Schwarzenberg way The Krumlov route
In the footsteps of A. Stifter Round Lake Lipno
Long-distance cycle paths:
The Scenic route The Lipno artery

The landscape in the surroundings of Lake Lipno is a true paradise for cyclists. The sign-posted cycle paths provide an ideal connection between the quiet unspoilt scenery on the right-hand shore and the high-quality facilities and amenities on the left-hand shore, which meet the standards of even the most discriminating visitor.

The region of Lake Lipno offers a network of six interconnected cycle paths, all of which are sign-posted in accordance with the national standards of the Czech Tourist Club. These cycle paths connect the right-hand and left-hand shore at both ends of the lake and, in addition, cut across it with three ferry lines, and the whole system is linked with the neighbouring Austrian cycle paths through six border crossings. All of these paths follow roads with minimum traffic, and some of the sections are used exclusively by cyclists and pedestrians.

The cycle paths lead you through the main tourist resorts in the Lipno region, where you can find a range of services and facilities to help you make the most of your sporting holiday, and at the same time provide easy access to all natural and cultural landmarks of this wonderful area.

So, without delay or hesitation, get this guidebook and come here for a wonderful active holiday!

The Association of Lipno Municipalities

Bicycle shops, hire and service shops
Josef Pušman, 382 79 Frymburk 12, telefon : +420 380 735 081 - bicycle service and hire shop
Půjčovna sportovních potřeb 3xF, U Lískovců, 382 79 Frymburk, telefon : +420 380 735 136 - bicycle hire
Sport - turistika, Věra Pechlátová, Česká 235, 382 73 Vyšší Brod - sports equipment shop (helmets, sportswear and accessories)
Lipno - servis s.r.o., Sportovní areál Kramolín, 382 78 Lipno nad Vltavou, telefon : +420 380 736 147 - mountain bike hire
Kulturní a informační centrum, Náměstí 8, 382 26 Horní Planá, telefon : +420 380 738 416 - bicycle hire
Domácí potřeby, 382 76 Loučovice 5, telefon : +420 380 748 167 - bicycle shop
Radek Ondřik, na výsluní 323, 382 26 Horní Planá, telefon : +420 380 738 679 - bicycle repair shop
Cyklo sport, Eva Velišková, Martinkovská, 382 73 Vyšší Brod, telefon : +420 380 746 200 - bicycle and cycling accessories shop
Martin Keltner, 384 62 Nová Pec 73 - bicycle hire


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